WISMOlabs and Search Nurture partner to close the loop between marketing and post-purchase experience

SAN FRANCISCO, May 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Ecommerce Retailers Can Now Help Customers Complete the Complete Online Shopping Experience Through Expanding Digital Marketing With WISMOlabs and Search Nurture’s exceptional post-purchase experience.

“WISMOlabs and Search Nurture Collaboration is a Win-Win Solution for Customers in the Online Retail Market,” Says WISMOlabs CEO and Founder Dmitri Rassadinke. “Search Nurture and WISMOlabs’ clients both rely on effective marketing solutions to drive their growth.” The combination of Search Nurture’s smart digital marketing services, from search engine optimization to retail advertising, and the strategic marketing tools offered by WISMOlabs, will grow and keep e-commerce retailers engaged to increase the average lifespan of subscribers.

“At Search Nurture, we are very happy to partner with WISMOLabs. Our services really complement each other and provide our clients with additional value. As experts in digital acquisition of consumer products, we seize the opportunity to help increase the lifetime value of every new customer we lead. WISMOLabs does this by helping us close the loop – engaging customers after purchase, delivering a great user experience, and maximizing value,” mentionned Spencer padway, Co-founder and CEO of Search Nurture.

The WISMOlabs and Search Nurture partnership closes the loop and completes the entire customer journey. Search Nurture’s digital marketing capabilities help ecommerce customers drive growth through PPC, SEO, and retail ads. WISMOlabs supports e-commerce retailers by increasing customer lifetime value through an exceptional post-purchase experience. This allows consumers to stay informed with accurate delivery information, notifications, interactive maps, and robust personalized marketing and reporting solutions. Improved post-purchase experience provides higher RoAS on ads and helps increase budget compared to competitors.

Together, the end-to-end capabilities that only Search Nurture and WISMOlabs have, deliver an exceptional e-commerce experience.

This partnership is the ideal solution for brands looking to increase their sales and customer value. Search Nurture Pre-Purchase Connection Coupling facilitates WISMOlabs post-purchase interactions, enhances value throughout the funnel, enabling full customer lifecycle ownership for brands.

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