Why You Can’t Afford to Neglect Video Marketing

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Making an impact in the digital marketplace means creating content that integrates with every channel, engages your audience, keeps them engaged, and directs your customers to a solution. One of the best ways to boost cross-channel engagement is to incorporate video marketing, which boosts sales and ensures your business doesn’t go up in smoke.

Why should your cannabis brand choose video for marketing?

Video marketing lets you tell your brand story. Video has become the predominant form of online marketing. Today, 86% of businesses use video marketing and 73% of consumers say they would rather watch a short video to learn about a brand or product than read an article or infographic.

Video can also be beneficial for your SEO. A new report indicates that less than half of cannabis businesses are profitable, so using video to improve “dwell time” on your page can naturally boost your websites’ rankings.

An increase in views also means an increase in conversion. Videos are a great way to guide users to make a purchase or engage more with your brand.

Finally, video marketing builds brand loyalty, allowing you to connect with customers in a way that text and photos simply cannot. All of these factors together make video a powerful source of marketing.

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How to create a great video

Video marketing can seem daunting at first, but it becomes easier if you create sales enablement content that speaks to your audience. So what type of content works best?

Product demonstrations

A product demo can show viewers how your product meets a need or fills a niche. By educating your audience on how your product works, you create content they crave.

Brand history

Increasingly, consumers are turning to brands to which they feel emotionally attached. A brand story video can help create that emotional connection. Build that connection by sharing who your brand is with your audience and telling a story while you do it.

Thought Leadership Interviews

Video is a great way to showcase the creative minds in your business. If you leverage video, you can give your audience insight into how the top thinkers in your company are developing the cannabis industry. For example, Mo Isern, Co-Founder/Vice President of Brand and Marketing of cannabis brand Perfect, recently spoke about some of the barriers she faced as a woman in cannabis.

Testimonials and Education

One of the best areas to use video is in customer testimonials and education. Customer testimonials give your audience feedback on the quality of your product. Educational content is another broad area. It can cover topics on how the industry works or the impacts of certain products on others.

Live broadcast

Live streaming isn’t necessarily a video category in its own right, but rather a method for your video to reach your audience. The advantage of live video is that it allows you to interact directly with your fans. Many algorithms that underpin social media favor live video, so this is a chance to grow your audience. Live streams are also a great way to recycle content. You can save the stream and then edit it into other videos for later.

Check Community Guidelines

The cannabis industry shows no signs of slowing down. More and more states are passing “green” legislation, so video marketing is a great way to continue growing your business. You have several options for posting video content. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook have different communities and viewers.

But it’s no secret that the cannabis industry faces an uphill regulatory battle. In addition to its legal hurdles, there are also many stigmas against enjoying smoking. Therefore, you should consider the community guidelines for sharing videos on social media.

Here are some things to watch out for on the most popular social media apps and video platforms.

Facebook: Facebook ads cannot promote recreational drugs, and businesses are prohibited from displaying ads even in parts of the United States where cannabis is legal. You can get away with organic content, however, if you refrain from using hashtags that are too risque or promote cannabis too explicitly.

Instagram: Instagram prohibits “the purchase or sale of non-medical or pharmaceutical drugs”. However, cannabis-related products can still advertise on the platform. For example, Thistle and Spire, a lingerie brand, touts many of its products that feature embroidered marijuana leaves.

TIC Tac: TikTok has similar rules regarding controlled substances. However, like Instagram, it is limited to the substances themselves and not other adjacent products.

At the end of 2021, YouTube finally updated its advertising guidelines, allowing “expanded monetization” on videos about cannabis-related content. That said, strict rules exist on what is allowed and not allowed, i.e. discussing health benefits, posting testimonials, direct promotions, scenes of product consumption, etc.

If your cannabis business is looking to turn the page and expand its marketing, video is probably the best bet. Video increases your audience, improves SEO, and helps you connect better with people. Once you get started, you’ll be sure to see results. Just be sure to follow community guidelines when promoting your products.

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