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United States: What a difference a decade makes: the future of advertising

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Over the past ten years, new technologies have led to a dizzying evolution in advertising and marketing. All of these changes beg the question: what will the next ten years bring? How will AI eliminate inefficiencies and create new challenges? In what ways will advertising enable access to content and consumer purchasing decisions? What role will biometric data play in accessing, personalizing and securing products and services? And how will companies meet the expectations of post-millennial generations?

The “dynamic” future of advertising

These questions have been thoughtfully addressed by Kate Scott Dawkins of Essence Global. Kate’s ideas are summarized in her article The “Dynamic” Future of Advertising.

She will be a guest speaker at next week’s NAD conference, which features three days of great content. The conference agenda and registration page can be accessed here.


The full Essence Global report Advertising in 2030 – Expert Predictions on the Future of Advertising is available here.

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