WeHo City has completed the second round of the Sunset Arts & Advertising program

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The City of West Hollywood has completed its selection process for applications for the second round of the Sunset Arts & Advertising program. These projects will contribute to a vibrant environment on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood – an environment that preserves the past, celebrates the culture of the Strip, supports artistic expression, rehabilitates existing buildings, generates new pedestrian-oriented developments and creates a creative signage. and integrated into the architecture, with advertising content as its own art form.

Round 2 of the Sunset Arts and Advertising program was preceded by Round 1 and Round 1.5 efforts. On April 1, 2019, the West Hollywood City Council passed an updated offsite advertising signage policy for Sunset Boulevard. The goal was to ensure new signage projects that were high quality, creative, contextual for Sunset Boulevard and sensitive to adjacent land uses. The Sunset Arts & Advertising program was created to create new opportunities for offsite digital signage and billboards along Sunset Boulevard as part of the specific Sunset plan. As requested by the West Hollywood City Council, all potential projects must be screened for design excellence before being allowed to file a formal application with the city’s Department of Planning and Development Services. In 2019, the City Manager selected a representative group, known as the Design Excellence Committee, comprised of experts from the fields of architecture, urban design, advertising, digital signage technology, of Arts and Historic Preservation to assess the design excellence of each application.

The Design Excellence Committee has now completed its review and scoring of each shortlisted application submitted in Round 2. Ratings were based on specific criteria related to design quality, land use outcomes, economic development, public benefit, sustainability, inclusiveness and diversity and adaptive design. . Each member of the committee assessed each of the pre-screening applications independently. Final scores were determined by calculating the cumulative average of the individual scores, which were then sorted from highest to lowest. To be considered “top rated”, Round 2 projects had to achieve an average point threshold of 225 points out of 250 and be among the top rated projects in their respective categories. A maximum of four proposals could be top-scored in the Rescreen category, four in the open submission (one was reserved for a cultural resource if the highest score), and no fixed number of top-scored applicants were reserved for the Gateway category – meaning if the committee determined outstanding designs (over 225 points) for all gateway locations, then all proposals would be eligible for top marks and selected to be part of the program.

The Round 2 categories included: 1) Rescreens, which allowed Round 1 applicants west of La Cienega Boulevard to redesign and resubmit their proposals; 2) Open Submissions, a category open to any project proposal along the Sunset Strip; 3) Cultural Resources, projects eligible or designated as a West Hollywood Cultural Resource Site; and 4) Gateways, projects at key intersections along the Sunset Strip that would coordinate digital programming through a multi-plot design and could be a combination of existing, proposed, approved, new and/or billboards. or converted. The City received a total of 27 pre-selection applications and 10 met the requirements for the “top score”. Only the 10 highest-scoring projects will have the opportunity to progress to the next phase of the program with city staff.

A downloadable Top Rated Project Booklet document (PDF) as well as all the scores of the project will be made available, Friday June 24, 2022 before 5 p.m., on the City of West Hollywood website at https://www.weho.org/city-government/city-departments/planning-and-development-services/long-range-planning/land-use -planning/sunset-boulevard -arts-advertising. The report will contain summary descriptions and photos of the top-scoring candidates. A project of this scope and scale is unprecedented and the caliber and innovation of many of these projects is truly impressive. Top-rated projects continue to set the standard for innovative, architecturally-integrated signage that will cement the Sunset Strip as one of the best places in the world where art, culture, and advertising intersect.

The selection process for the first round ended in 2020 and resulted in twenty-one (21) top rated projects. Cycle 1.5 of the program was opened on a rolling basis throughout 2021 and resulted in eight (8) top rated projects. First-round applicants have an expiration date of July 18, 2022 for their formal application to be deemed complete by City staff, approximately two (2) years after receiving a top-ranking concept award letter. score. So far, four projects have been approved by the West Hollywood City Council and are either in operation or in the permitting and/or construction phase of the program. Staff continue to work with the remaining Round 1 and Round 1.5 applicants through the formal application, design review, and formal approval process.

For more information about the Sunset Arts & Advertising program, including program requirements, city benefits, and selected first-round participants, please visit: https://www.weho.org/city-government /city-departments/planning-and-development-services/long-term-planning/land-planning/sunset-boulevard-arts-publicity.

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