Venus Media Group puts education at the forefront of its evolution

Latina-founded multicultural agency will go beyond its walls at Mom 2.0 by teaching attendees the nuances surrounding the “clean” category

NEW YORK, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Venus Media Group, a leading multicultural, multigenerational media buying agency, is evolving its offerings to incorporate more coaching mechanisms into its client relationships through ongoing training. This will extend to outside efforts, including her presence as host of an informative panel at the upcoming influential Mom 2.0 Summit in Los Angeles later this month.

Catherine Murphyco-founder and CEO of the agency will host the event, “What does ‘clean’ really mean? Janelle HaileyVP Marketing and Innovation at OLIKA, and Lisa Bensley, Director of Brand and Marketing at Purecane, will join Cathy and teach the Mom 2.0 community about category distinctions and the importance of leading with authenticity. Topics will include the importance of ingredients and the supply chain when it comes to both the efficacy and intent of clean products, why “clean” can mean different things to different people, and signs that a brand could be eco-friendly or “eco-friendly”.

“There are nuances in understanding both what it means for brands to be clean and also how those messages need to be articulated to be well received and trusted,” said Catherine Murphy, co-founder and CEO of Venus Media Group. “I am delighted to host this discussion, which will no doubt educate and inspire attendees with helpful advice and important precautions as they cultivate various relationships.”

With nearly forty years of combined experience serving a wide range of clients, from healthcare innovators to female-led disruptors, Venus Media Group is known for its highly tactile approach and proven track record of generating net results. Hosting this informative event at Mom 2.0 represents the next evolution for Venus Media Group as it helps brands learn how to reach an inclusive set of consumers who cannot be reduced to uniform rules or expectations.

“Trust is absolutely essential in our category, and it takes a specialized approach to build credibility with a multitude of diverse buyers in today’s market,” said Janelle Hailey, VP Marketing and Innovation at OLIKA. “We couldn’t be more excited to join Venus Media Group Catherine Murphy and Purecane Lisa Bensley in this conversation, especially in a category that requires a deep understanding of product development and marketing, which has a ripple effect on reputation.”

The Mom 2.0 Summit panel entry, “What Does ‘Clean’ Really Mean? A Moody and Dirty Guide to Today’s Trending Hottest Categories,” is now available here. To work with Venus Media Group or to learn more about the agency, visit

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Venus Media Group is a multicultural, multigenerational media buying agency that partners with its clients to reach today’s female and multicultural audience. From negotiation to data analysis, Venus Media Groups advises clients, including healthcare providers, hospitals and DTC consumer brands, through the buying process and guides them on how to ‘leverage relevant nuances to build brand awareness, recognition and recall. For more information, visit

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