Tiger Pistol, SVP of Sales and Marketing, to speak at Localogy 2022

Donny Dye will participate in a fireside chat on “The AHA Moment: Localizing Content”

AUSTIN, TX, September 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tiger Pistolthe leading collaborative advertising platform that offers large-scale local activation, recently announced that its senior vice president of sales and marketing, Donny Dyewill speak at Localology’s Place Conference 2022 in New York City on September 13.

Dye will participate in a fireside chat titled “The AHA Moment: Localizing Content,” on tuesday september 13 at 2:30 p.m. EST. His keynote will explore how brands, agencies and retailers can bring digital depth to local waypoints by localizing content.”

“In contrast to the reduction in national campaign budgets, local spending has increased by double digits at our partners,” Dye said. “In a world where every advertising dollar must be used to its full potential, combining the power of a brand with the credibility of a local store creates a personal connection between buyer, seller and brand.”

Place 2022 will explore the intersection of digital and place and what the metaverse means for local commerce. At this industry-defining event, SaaS, media, agency and technology leaders from Tiger Pistol, Square, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, iHeart Media will discuss the future of commerce, real estate , data and connection, and products and services that will be the foundation of the metaverse.

“The metaverse will give advertisers more signals and places to display ads, but it will still take foresight and ingenuity to create authentic engagement between brands and consumers,” Dye says. “To be truly impactful, ads must be both very relevant to the consumer, but also discreet so as not to devalue either the brand or the storefront in the eyes of the consumer. It will be up to adtech to evolve, and grow. , with time.”

Tickets for Localogy Place 2022 are available for purchase online via Eventbrite.

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Tiger Pistol, the most award-winning collaborative advertising platform, makes high-performance social advertising simple and scalable for customers and their partners, removing barriers to customer acquisition, sales growth and partner loyalty. Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform™ uses advanced technology and automation to unite corporate brands, resellers or agencies with their partners to acquire and engage new customers within their local communities . Meta Business Partner, Tiger Pistol is the world’s largest third-party publisher of collaborative social ads, supporting clients in 22 global markets with over 700,000 campaigns published each year. Learn more by visiting TigerPistol.comor following Twitter, FacebookWhere LinkedIn.

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Localology is the only professional association focused on building and growing the 10 trillion dollars Local American market for our members and the more than 30 million local businesses and small businesses that depend on it every day.

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