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With the need to create and maintain an online presence for our businesses these days, content creation is essential. One of the effects of this proliferation of content on entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small businesses is that many non-designers have had to get into design work. Sometimes this works for the hobbyist designer, but often times it could be better: more efficient, accessible and attractive. This is where Ask a Designer comes in.

Creating designs online can be fun, but your average Canva, Squarespace, or WordPress user, for example, is no more design savvy than the man on the moon. Design work encompasses much more than just slapping a few words on a stock photo and calling it a day. While there are some truly amazing and useful free or inexpensive DIY design and creation tools out there, nothing beats the power of knowledge and experience.

Ask a Designer provides an added level of professional review and advice before a business owner puts their DIY (or even paid) design work in plain sight – or worse, not to be seen. As a writer, I have always appreciated editorial reviews, comments and comments on my writing. Second eyes, third eyes, and more are almost always used to enhance content. It makes good business sense to get as much feedback as possible, even better to get expert feedback.

For example, an experienced web designer should have a good idea of ​​how to embed and test for UX and UI purposes, thus making user interaction more functional and enjoyable. An experienced graphic designer knows which colors go together for aesthetic appeal, accessibility, and even the psychology behind why and how they do it.

Take the logos. Pick a color, image, and font that you like and go for it, right? I’m afraid not. There is a lot of data in the science and psychology of how our brains process logos. There are also examples of “failed” logos. Consider the outcry over the AirBnB logo, which many say referred to genitals. Or the eyebrows raised when Google changed its color palette to a palette similar to Microsoft’s. Just search online for “logo fails” to get an idea of ​​how a seemingly innocent logo can go horribly wrong. I haven’t linked them here as they would need a trigger warning as many of the worst examples can be interpreted as some sort of sexual innuendo or genitals. Researchers, be warned.

It always makes sense to use professional designers when you have the opportunity, just as it makes sense to use professional copywriters for writing and professional photographers for photography. After all, if you’re lucky enough to get something right the first time, it saves you time and money. Rebranding can be difficult and costly, although rebranding is sometimes necessary. Asking a designer to overhaul your design (whether it’s a logo, WordPress, blog, or whatever) might help ensure you don’t miss the mark.

How does Ask a Designer work and is it really free? It’s super easy – almost as if the creators were there! Know what i mean? First, you go to the website or app and enter your question. Then Ask a Designer will assign your question to the appropriate type of designer in their network. Within 48 hours, they will get back to you with feedback or a response to your design question.

While Ask a Designer is accessible to anyone, the website suggests it’s especially useful for developers, teams, junior designers, and business and product managers. They suggest, “Think of us as a peer review in your pocket.” The Ask a Designer team will provide feedback on specific projects such as websites, logos, and portfolios, as well as answers to general questions.

Sample questions on their website give a good idea of ​​the scope of the questions they will answer and include the type of feedback they provide. Here are some sample questions:

  • “How do I choose the colors for the dark mode?”
  • “I would love to have comments on a logo for a restaurant.”
  • “I am a student in industrial design and I would like to get into automotive design. What are the resources that can get me where I need to be? “
  • “Please send me feedback on [website link]. “
  • “How can I use my branded fonts on my website?”
  • “I am a full stack software engineer. Are there any resources you could suggest to me to improve my design or UX skills? “

Ask a Designer is new, so they currently list 2 design experts, each with 20 or more years of experience in their field. They promise to add more “desig-nerds” soon. It might sound too good to be true, but from what they state on their website, this expert design review service is free. Considering the other great tools available with free components for business, there is a possibility that this is true. It remains to be seen whether they will add a more in-depth paid version. Either way, it’s worth giving the app or website a try for your burning design questions and reviews.

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