The Importance of Digital Marketing Tools for Mainstream Brands and the Importance of Skill Improvement for Careers!

The arrival of digital marketing has changed the way brands interact with consumers. The future of business is digital, and the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the market in a way that is expected to bring fortunes to the digital marketing industry through digitization.

“The Indian advertising industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.59% to reach Rs. 70,343cr by 2022,” suggests Dentsu in its 2021 digital report.

It also suggests that “the digital marketing industry is experiencing a boom and is expected to grow 27% in 2020 to cross the 17,000 crore mark. Indian internet users are expected to reach over 970 million users by 2025.”

This represents a great opportunity for those running businesses and those aspiring to a career in digital marketing.

The importance of having expertise in digital marketing tools can never be questioned as it helps connect, engage and retain customers online. Whether you are a novice or an expert, the constant upgrading of digital marketing skills and tools like SEO, SEM, SMM, etc., allow professionals to use technology to pursue their goals and establish a better concept between existing customers and potential users. !

Importance of digital marketing tools for businesses:

Small in operational size and new to the market, business owners may seek a competitive advantage. To gain a foothold in the market / industry, companies need to find different ways to stand out from the competition.

A great marketing strategy and access to the best digital marketing tools can go a long way. Whether it’s simplifying social media marketing efforts, project management, or finding freelancers, digital marketing tools help you gain the competitive edge you need to achieve your business goals.

Digital marketing skills expand to encompass broadcast media such as SMS, MMS, mobile apps, electronic / interactive signs, TV, radio, etc.

With an established importance of expertise in the use of digital marketing tools, a key question for aspirants is, “How would you like to learn from the best of digital marketers?” “

The best way to gain expertise in a wide variety of marketing tools by working on real projects and interacting with real clients is: “A PG Program in Digital Marketing!”

Explore and prepare for the future with Imarticus Learning:

Imarticus Learning’s PG in Digital Marketing program provides students with the opportunity to achieve industry-recognized certification through hands-on experience. The curriculum of the program is best suited to both new graduates and alumni and professionals with industry experience.

Imarticus Learning’s PG in Digital Marketing program is the perfect way to gain expertise in digital marketing tools. With years of digital learning experience and training, Imarticus Learning has helped aspirants learn and explore digital marketing opportunities with the best market leaders.

The program is designed to give students extensive and detailed coverage of digital marketing concepts through live projects and instructor-led discussions. The collaborative approach to programs focuses on key projects, out-of-the-box skills and guaranteed internships.

The program helps you become a digital marketer with hands-on experience and in-depth diving into all facets of digital marketing including search, social media, content, performance, emails, analytics , ORM, and media buying and planning.

If you are in doubt about the benefits of the PG program in digital marketing, here are a few in brief:

● Acquire the ability to analyze data and learn lessons.

● Master the expertise on tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Managers, etc.

● Acquire organizational and project management skills.

● Developed knowledge and appreciation of automation.

● Develop advanced knowledge on social media and learn an analytics strategy to measure which campaigns are driving traffic and orders.

Imarticus Learning believes in the fact that; the digital marketers of tomorrow are lifelong learners. With this in mind, the PG for Digital Marketing program is a one-stop-shop for those looking for a rapid boost in their skills for a career in digital.

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