Strategy Insights: Marketing to the younger generation

How do online retailers reach young consumers with notoriously short attention spans and cable-cutting? Savvy digital marketers have found a way, using TikTok and connected TV.

In Digital Commerce 360’s Strategy Insights from March, “Marketing to the younger generation“, several top brands are sharing real-life examples of how their marketing campaigns are translating into dollars on these burgeoning marketing channels, with in-depth case studies from SmileDirectClub, Cuisinart, and TikTok itself. The report includes the following in-depth articles written by Digital Commerce 360 ​​editors:

  • In Beyond the Buzz: TikTok’s Trajectory Is Making Retailers Reevaluate How It Reaches Young Consumers,” digital marketers weigh whether to proactively invest in TikTok when costs are low or risk rushing to catch up as more retailers look to the future on a platform with 1 billion global active users every month.
  • “Cable Cutters: Retailers Move to Draw Consumers to Streaming Devices”, provides an overview of how online retailers can market with connected TV, and it’s full of examples of retailers using the platform to reach young consumers.

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