Steam will ban developers from advertising on game banners

Valve will update the Steam Stores policy from September to September. In one month, developers and publishers can no longer put advertising images and texts in the banners of their games.

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Since the moment, developers take advantage of it to advertise on the banner of a game: praise, reward, sale or something else. According to Valve, all of this can fool people. For example, if the rating on the banner does not match the true, it will match the average.

In some cases, the publisher has often intentionally abused this feature. It was too difficult to read the name of the game so much that it was very difficult to read the name of this game. This is an example of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Super Robot Wars.

The rules for banners on Steam will change until September 1, 2022. A false identity must be clearly visible. However, developers and publishers can talk about the latest updates and additions via banners, but these images cannot be placed for more than a month; the text must be translated into all supported languages.

The right banner is a typical example.

To ensure that all orders are met by September, on Steam, which you can familiarize yourself with on the official site.

If you notice a problem, rotate the mouse and activate CTRL + ENTER.

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