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Southern Humboldt Community Park Council press release:

The Community Park Council embraces the park’s vision to prioritize collaboration with community partners to create diverse opportunities for recreation, education, culture and conservation. The park board of directors is strongly committed to local agriculture and we are as disappointed as anyone that prime farmland is not being used this season by the current owner of the farm lease.

Last fall, the community park council voted unanimously to pay and engage Humboldt Mediation Services in an effort to resolve the issues, but unfortunately the farmer was unwilling to complete the process. We understand and respect that it was his personal right to make this decision and not to hold a grudge, even though we were deeply discouraged. We also want our community to know that as of the date of this press release, the farmer has not been evicted. We regret that erroneous information has circulated on social networks.

Due to the threat of litigation, we are unable to provide more information at this time. We ask our community to keep an open mind until the facts on the matter can be released.


Meghan Joyce Matt Banning

Carolyn Hino-Bourassa

C. Alex Hulbert Jesse Hill

SHCP Board of Directors

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