QuestSoft Updates Fair Lending Relief to Include Analysis of Consumer Lending

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif .– () – QuestSoft’s latest improvement to Fair Lending RELIEF is a new module that allows lenders to analyze non-HMDA consumer loan activity.

The biggest challenge in analyzing consumer loans is the lack of applicant demographics. Fair Lending RELEF has been updated to include proxy assignments for race, ethnicity, gender, and Bayesian enhanced geocoding of surnames (BISG) in accordance with regulatory methodologies.

“We are excited to offer Fair Loan monitoring and analysis tools such as matched pair testing, analysis and data mapping for HMDA loans and consumer loans,” Loretta said. Kirkwood, vice president of compliance for QuestSoft. “Automated proxy data allocation for consumer loans allows lenders to quickly identify and manage fair loan risk.”

Fair Lending RELEF gives lenders the ability to easily import consumer data for better fair loan risk analysis. The program also gives users the ability to automatically assign proxy designations to thousands of records – in just seconds – as well as view the results of probability calculations for individual records.

“Many institutions still conduct this type of analysis using spreadsheets or relying on third parties,” said Leonard Ryan, President of QuestSoft. “By designing Fair Lending RELIEF to work with consumer loans, many lenders will save time and reduce the costs associated with analyzing fair consumer loans.”

In addition to fair loans, Compliance RELIEF provides lenders with the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and NMLS Mortgage Call reporting modules that include geocoding mapping, analysis tools and market data. for a complete mortgage compliance solution.

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