Programmatic advertising platform helps SMEs recover from pandemic

Toronto-based start-up AdStash, led by Douglas Lusted, is helping thousands of local brick-and-mortar businesses get back on their feet after pandemic shutdowns by earning passive income through programmatic advertising on digital signs existing interiors. As Canada reopens, AdStash’s innovative technology offers these small businesses an easy way to get the extra income they need to survive and succeed.

“As a native of Toronto, the post-pandemic survival of local businesses is a cause close to my heart,” said Douglas Lusted, CEO of AdStash. “At AdStash, we understand the impact the last year and a half has had on businesses – from local restaurants to medical facilities – and the people who run them. Our goal is to help these people with our technology and to give them the boost they need to recover financially and return to service to their communities. ”

AdStash is a digital signage platform that uses programmatic advertising to generate new revenue streams for businesses. By plugging in the AdStash device, customers can turn their existing digital displays into revenue-generating content and ad serving systems. Unlike other programmatic display advertising solutions, AdStash users pay a one-time fee of $ 80 for the device and can start earning income without a monthly subscription. Businesses can customize the content they want to display on their screens, such as menus or services, and AdStash technology will integrate the advertising and begin to monetize automatically.

AdStash’s mission is to empower small businesses in a range of industries that empower Canadian communities to thrive. Local digital signage agency Roots Marketing is one of the companies using AdStash technology in its network of digital displays in Ontario. One local business that uses AdStash through Roots Marketing is Tandoori Shawarma and Pizza, a restaurant located just outside of Toronto. Tandoori owner Nathan is using five internal digital screens in his restaurant to generate additional income with minimal effort, lending a much-needed helping hand in his restaurant’s post-pandemic recovery.

“At Roots Marketing, we were delighted to learn more about AdStash and eventually partner with it,” said Fred Scheuer of Roots Marketing. “By using AdStash technology, our customers are able to recover from the pandemic faster than with average sales alone. It’s really amazing to see our users saving and making thousands of dollars from AdStash as they start to come out of this tough year.

Tandoori Shawarma and Pizza is just one of AdStash’s heartwarming success stories of local businesses getting the extra help they need to survive. To learn more about AdStash, please visit

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