Perx Launches World’s First Lifestyle Marketing Platform To Transform Mobile Customer Engagement First

  • First of its kind, the platform creates a new category within the global marketing technology ecosystem

  • Regional and global brands have overtaken $ 400 million in the contribution to turnover over the last three years using the platform

SINGAPORE, June 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Perx Technologies, The SaaS Leader in Dynamic, Mobile Customer Engagement and Retention, today announced the launch of its category creation product – The Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform (Perx LMP). Traditional static loyalty and rewards programs no longer work in a rapidly changing digital economy. They are expensive to maintain and have become a drag affecting the bottom line of brands around the world. Customers today come in many forms. As the behavior of consumers and ecosystem partners changes rapidly, Perx believes the way brands engage them needs to be rethought. Perx’s LMP is uniquely designed to enable brands to move from a transitional and transactional situation to a meaningful relationship with their ecosystem through millions of customers and partners around the world.

Perx Launches World’s First Lifestyle Marketing Platform To Transform Mobile Customer Engagement First

Powered by hyper-personalization, advanced gamification and sophisticated rules engine Perx LMP capabilities boost a brand’s customer experience and loyalty strategy by synchronizing it with the daily lifestyle choices of its customers. The platform enables marketers and digital teams to drive and monetize customer actions and increase customer-brand touchpoints by reimagining the digital consumer journey.

There are three key market trends that require the introduction of a new category called Lifestyle Marketing in the Martech space. First, the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the need for businesses to go digital and mobile first. In 2020 with an average consumer spending nearly four hours a day on a smartphone, 332 million people came online for the first time around the world to bank, shop, gamble and order food.

Second, the rise of the mobile-driven instant gratification economy has made brands aware of the limitation of current marketing technology stacks to support the creation of unique “aha moments” in traditional digital customer journeys; from acquisition to last mile trade and, more importantly, every user action in between. With 73% of mobile phone users globally owning a smartphone, brands around the world are exploring how to innovate beyond their core business models to establish an ecosystem of “super-app like” services tailored to their customers on a loop. closed.

Finally, today almost all of the marketing technology platforms are designed primarily to generate vanity metrics such as eyeballs, clicks, and open rates, rather than contributing to revenue growth. business. The results are static, uninviting, and transient customer engagements that abruptly end with a text, email, or social media post.

But customer last mile travel is essential to any engagement strategy. The Perx Lifestyle marketing platform extends that last mile beyond the usual stopovers with interactive, gamified, and incentive engagements that inspire customers to complete the actions and transactions that the marketing and brand actually intended to take. drive. Perx also launched the Rewards Market which offers an elaborate and curated list of merchant rewards aligned with the digital consumer’s lifestyles. With just 3 clicks, brands can resist the trend of instant gratification by rewarding customers for their actions with personalized lifestyle rewards. Additionally, brands that want to build their own in-app mobile commerce store and create a new revenue stream can now do so without heavy investments or resource allocation.

Here is what Stephanie Kubota, CEO of RUSH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom, the largest telecommunications operator in The Philippines, said, “The Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform is one of the most advanced tools in our Marketing Toolbox. Everything is just a few clicks away, from slicing and dicing target characters to identifying and launching dynamic experiences that stimulate and trigger customer actions. In our recent run with Perx, we completed over a million customer actions, targeting a specific test segment, in just 100 days from the point of integration, and over 70% of these were actions that have contributed to the growth of brand sales. “

Commenting on the reasons why Starhub chose to implement the Perx Lifestyle marketing platform, Maneesh Verma, vice-president, customer lifecycle management, mentionned, “While there are many martech platforms we can choose from, we didn’t want to settle for any of the traditional platforms or the status quo. Unlike other solutions, the marketing platform Perx’s lifestyle model generates meaningful customer engagement and is designed to better engage digitally. The result is greater customer loyalty and real customer actions that contribute to revenue. “

Commenting on why hoolah chose the Perx Lifestyle marketing platform, Stuart thornton, CEO and co-founder, said, “As a digital native in the Buy Now Pay Later space, our goal is to provide flexibility to consumers in a constrained world and to do so responsibly. We have chosen the Perx Lifestyle marketing platform to create meaningful engagements in our hoolah ecosystem between consumers, partners and merchants. Perx LMP will help us increase the natural value of the hoolah platform by further driving customer acquisition and retention through personalization and dynamic in-app engagements that reward customers for every action they take.

Regarding the launch of the Perx Lifestyle marketing platform and the rewards marketplace, Anna gong, CEO and Founder of Perx Technologies, mentionned, “The Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform enables brands to lead with engagement and not loyalty, innovate beyond their core business models and create monetizable lifestyle ecosystems around their network. closed loop of consumers, partners and merchants. This approach not only enables brands on a global scale to better meet and resolve the lifestyle wants and needs of customers, but also creates a divide around of these customers by dramatically increasing brand touchpoints.With advanced gamification and campaign automation capabilities, hyper-personalized and instantly rewarding incentives, the platform has proven to be an effective catalyst for them. digital lifestyle ecosystems for businesses and digital natives. “

About Perx Technologies

Perx Technologies is a SaaS lifestyle marketing platform that creates categories and helps brands move from transitional transactional businesses to ongoing and meaningful engagements and experiences in the digital economy. Powering businesses and digital natives alike, the platform enables mobile-centric organizations to monetize their closed-loop ecosystem of consumers, partners and merchants, creating personalized, last-mile interactive digital experiences that generate feedback. on instant investment. For more information, please visit:

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