Open Road Integrated Media Revenues and Profits Increase in Current Fiscal Year in 2021

22% increase in turnover and improvement in EBITDA of more than 292%

70 partner publishers; Over 37,000 titles on the Marketing-as-a-Service platform

NEW YORK, September 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Open Road Integrated Media (OR / M), the leading marketing company that delivers content discovery and digital experiences through its data-driven technology platform, announced its results via July 2021, highlighting a 22% year-over-year increase in revenue and an EBITDA improvement of over 292% + in 2021. OR / M also increased in July 2021 with the acquisition of independent UK publisher Bloodhound Books. The deal has provided OR / M with a unique network of freelance and bestselling authors for its partner content program, which helps fuel the growth of the company.

“We are aligning ourselves to harness readers’ interest in the titles we manage, which has created a huge triple-digit increase for titles and a revenue increase of over 40% for businesses large and small,” said declared Paul Slavin, CEO of OR / M. “Our technology and data provide the industry with a real-time solution by enabling better discovery and showcasing books and brands reaching three million readers per month.”

As audiences demand more content, OR / M continues to generate and expand its audience through its Open Road Ignition, a comprehensive digital marketing and sales program that includes more than 70 publisher partners and 37,000 titles. The program integrates a powerful vehicle for consumer awareness, direct demand stimulation, strategic and tactical pricing, consumer segmentation and personalization, content syndication, metadata and copy optimization to deliver more great discovery to consumers. Plus, on average, publisher partners earn 40% more from the service.

“As we continue to face supply chain challenges and consumers increasingly turn to digital discovery, we remain uniquely positioned to help our ever-growing list of publisher partners leverage the behavior. readers to improve the success of their titles, ”said Mary McAveney CRO / CMO of OR / M.

OR / M’s marketing improves title searches and helps readers find books they might otherwise have missed. The proprietary technology platform enables our team to market tens of thousands of books each month. It generates direct economic benefits: increased income, public exposure, discoverability, “halo” effect demonstrated through formats and series, and increased readership. OR / M’s extensive and research-driven content marketing features books and brands on its digital properties reaching three million readers every month.

“Since our partnership with Open Road Media and their Ignition program, we’ve seen a 100-200% increase in monthly revenue for participating titles compared to sales in the previous year. Lareen Fort, Marketing Director at UtahGibbs Smith-based publisher. “It’s like having additional staff with the knowledge and commitment to create new marketing platforms for us.”

About Open Road Integrated Media

Open Road Integrated Media is a Marketing-as-a-Service company that has built a data-driven technology platform that enables content discovery and delivers digital experiences that entertain and educate its readers. Open Road brands include Early bird books, a daily newsletter on e-book offerings and a website; Programming, for fans of real crime, horror, mystery and paranormal; The Portalist, for fans of science fiction, fantasy; Murder and chaos, for fans of mystery and thriller; Archives, for fans of history and non-fiction; and Such a true love, for fans of romance; and Open road media, a global e-book publisher whose catalog includes legendary authors such as Jeanne Didion, Graham Greene, Guillaume Styron, Alice walker, Pat Conroy, Gloria Steinem, Octavia Butler, John jake, S. Buck Pearl, Percy Walker, and Ruth rendell.

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