Nigeria Local Content Advertising Policy for Radio and Television

Jobs for the local team; not a bad policy. Nonetheless, we need to be nuanced and flexible when implementing this. Why? I’m not sure you can define a “Nigerian role model” and a “Nigerian voice” in this era when Apple, Spotify, etc. sign our young people for the big stages across Africa. If other African countries implement the same, we lose as Nigerian artists surpass all of Africa.

I keep waiting for someone who will hire my beautiful voice (lol) for big publicity in Nigeria. The only companies that keep popping up are the beer/liquor companies that want my voices to link my work at Harvard on Igba Boi to sell beer, tying everything to tradition. Of course, no amount can make me do that.

But if you need a Nigerian voice and a Nigerian role model in many other business areas, Ndubuisi Ekekwe meets the specs and can help. Write the script so I don’t speak for an hour on the ad! Hahaha. This is what the government is waiting for! Lol

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It’s about local content – and let’s support the government in that. We don’t need AI with alien voices talking to Nigerians on radio and TV. Don’t do that; get a real voice.

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