New data from Conviva shows strong streaming growth in Europe despite quality and advertising issues

FOSTER CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Streaming adoption across Europe continues to grow at a rapid pace, according to the State of Streaming: Europe Q4 2021 report from Conviva, the continuous measurement platform for media streaming. While Europe as a whole saw a 20% increase in streaming viewership, Southern and Western Europe saw roughly double that growth at 44% and 34%, respectively. This contrasts with the global streaming market which only increased by 7% in the fourth quarter of 2021 compared to the same quarter in 2020.

“Like many other regions, Europe not only maintains the significant increase in streaming adoption it has seen during the pandemic, but also continues to see quarter-over-quarter growth as the pandemic is starting to fade,” said Keith Zubchevich, President and CEO. , Guest. “As the streaming market in Europe matures and viewers have more choice of content, more freedom to decide how to view that content on different devices, and more options between paid and ad-supported channels, the need continuous measurement and accurate engagement data is imperative.”

Streaming quality in Q4 2021 was mixed globally, with the most notable quality issue related to video start times, which were slower year-over-year in all regions, including the Europe, which had the lowest video start time in the world. Fortunately, Europe also saw declines in buffering (down 35% year-over-year) and video boot failures (down 14% year-over-year) , as well as an increase in bitrate (up 21% year over year).

Conviva’s report also reveals how Europe’s device preferences differed from the rest of the world in Q4. In Europe, where large screens (connected TVs, smart TVs and game consoles) accounted for 68% of viewing time, Samsung TV had the largest share of large screen viewing at 20%, followed by Android TV and Amazon Fire TV with 13% and 12%, respectively. Roku, which has a 31.8% market share worldwide, only gained 5% in big-screen viewing time in Europe.

Advertising challenges remain

In Q4 2021, global ad impressions were up 16% quarter over quarter, as were ad attempts. Additionally, missed ad opportunities decreased 2% quarter-over-quarter and bitrate improved 4%. Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends for ads, as ad start times increased significantly in Q4 2021, from 0.3 seconds in Q3 to 2.6 seconds in Q4. and ad buffering followed suit, dropping from 1.3% in the third quarter to 1.5%. at T4.

Social video reigns in sports

Despite little change year on year, European sports on social media has rebounded well since the start of the pandemic. When it comes to European sports videos on social platforms, total posts increased by 1% and videos increased by 4%, while engagements overall decreased by 2%.


Conviva’s data is primarily collected using proprietary sensor technology with a global footprint of over 500 million unique viewers watching 200 billion streams per year across nearly 4 billion apps streaming on devices. Embedded directly into video streaming applications, the sensor measures content and ads to analyze nearly three trillion real-time transactions per day for its clients. In the State of Streaming report, year-over-year data for Q4 2021 versus Q4 2020 has been normalized to Conviva’s customer base. Social media data consists of data from over 2,800 accounts, over 1.8 million posts and over 10 billion engagements across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube as of Q4 2021. Social data professional sports leagues were collected from individual ranking lists for each sport. league that totaled 262 individual team accounts and had over 5 billion cross-platform engagements in Q4 2021.

About Conviva

Conviva is the census, continuous measurement and engagement platform for streaming media. Powered by our patented Stream Sensor™ and Stream ID™, our real-time platform enables marketers, advertisers, technicians, engineers and customer service teams to acquire, engage, monetize and to retain their audiences. Conviva is dedicated to supporting brands like DAZN, Disney+, Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, Sky, Sling TV, TED and WarnerMedia as they unlock the incredible opportunity of streaming media. Today, our platform processes nearly 3 trillion streaming data events daily, supporting more than 500 million unique viewers who watch 200 billion streams per year across 4 billion streaming apps on devices. Conviva makes sure digital businesses of all sizes can deliver better, every stream, every screen, every second. To learn more, visit

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