Nets’ Kevin Durant takes on villain role amid social media uproar

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant wants everyone to know he’s not the kind of person you should admire. The former MVP, who has always been quite loud, especially on social media, did not fare well after being dragged to Twitter due to a viral photo of his ashy legs.

As superstar athletes, a lot of people expect players like KD to just take the high road and just focus on the game. But, the point is, these players are humans first and like us. Learned with the rise of social media and accessibility to these athletes, they can also be sensitive – like it or not.

KD’s initial response to his enemies on Twitter was incredibly savage. Durant sarcastically cursed all of his opponents on social media, claiming he was about to flex them very quickly:

And the 33-year-old didn’t stop there. Some people didn’t like what he was doing and basically called him for it. A named Twitter user RD Atchison responded to the two-time NBA champion’s NSFW comment by stating that kids who admire him can read those harsh words. Durant, being the always straightforward athlete that he is, applauded Charles Barkley style:

“I am not a model” Durant tweeted.

KD was definitely not in the mood for Thanksgiving. And honestly, that’s what I’m here for.

Knowing how Durant has been on social media, it’s actually not surprising that he takes this approach. Whether it’s having burner accounts or non-stop trolling, the 11-time All-Star is just having fun. It’s just Twitter, at the end of the day, and if people really want to take it seriously, it’s more their problem and not KD’s.

It’s just Twitter and I think it’s pretty unfair to judge someone’s overall character by just reading their tweets. Plus, it’s not like he tweeted anything particularly damaging to his personality. Durant simply doubled down on the fact that he doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone, whether on or off the pitch. He’s been one of the most criticized athletes of this generation and that hasn’t stopped him from having a blast every time he’s on the pitch.

If you want proof, check out his stats this season. All eyes were on Brooklyn in the first few months of the 21-22 NBA season with the whole Kyrie Irving situation, but that didn’t slow Durant down a bit. The 2014 MVP is back in the conversation to win his second MVP trophy this season as he continues to lead the domination of the Eastern Nets.

Durant scores at will in his 15th NBA season and the quadruple scoring champion now sits second to the league’s leading scorer, right next to former Golden State Warriors teammate Stephen Curry. And, like Curry, Durant managed to lead his shorthanded Nets to the top of his respective conference and cut off all the outside noise.

KD isn’t nice – we’ve known that from his Oklahoma City Thunder days. And it looks like nothing is going to change this fact that I personally love. Do you, KD.

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