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The Hallway has launched a campaign to get men talking about mental health. The work includes outdoor advertising (see below), radio advertisements and a website. But the centerpiece is a remake of The Cure’s song “Boys Don’t Cry”.

According to the agency, the campaign has been in the works for three years and is the brainchild of his partner and ECD Simon Lee (recently featured in Campaign’s “Creative Minds” series), who asked for help after his own. battle with anxiety.

The video is produced by Good Oil and directed by Tom Campbell, and the campaign also involves the University of Melbourne’s Center for Mental Health, Gotcha4Life Mental Health Foundation and Heiress Films, the team behind the ABC television series. curated by Gus Worland Man Up. Industry charity UnLtd and media agency Initiative are supporting the campaign, with a media inventory donated by major media organizations.

The video features a chorus of 30 men from diverse backgrounds, including recording artist and MC Dallas Woods, a man from Noongar from East Kimberley and actor Eddie Baroo.

Lee, who rewrote the song’s original lyrics, said:

Going to tell my GP that I was suffering from anxiety was more nerve-racking than any pitch presentation I’ve ever had to give. But admitting my vulnerability and asking for help is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I hope this campaign will help empower others to do the same.

According to The Hallway, seven men kill themselves every day in Australia, and men account for 75% of all suicides. These are numbers that stop you. The need for campaigns like this is therefore obvious. And therefore, Ad Nut not only vigorously applauds Lee, The Hallway and all the organizations involved, but also hopes that the work really reaches the men who need a loving ear.

Squirrelkind has no gender variations when it comes to talking about things. But sadly, the things most squirrels talk about are limited to simplistic gossip about the last nut they found and the squirrels they most want to mate with. Ad Nut learned a long time ago to turn to more talkative friends when it comes to anything beyond basic desires, including emotions. Ad Nut imagines that some men feel a similar frustration when they reach out to their fellow students, but hopefully they will keep trying until they find guys – or helpful organizations – who are capable. higher level functions.


Creative agency: Le couloir
Executive Creative Director: Simon Lee
Creative Director: Aldo Ferretto
Editors: Simon Lee, Tim Wood
Artistic Director: Aldo Ferretto
Producer: Carolyn Starkey
CEO: Jules Hall
Account Director: Chris Murphy
Head of Strategy: Tim Mottau
Communications Strategist: Mat Rawnsley
Special thanks to Hannah Sturrock

Media agency: Initiative
Sound production: Uncanny Valley
Musical supervision: Charlton Hill
Music Producer: Justin Shave
Audio message: Matt Perrott

Film production: Good oil
Director: Tom Campbell
Producer: Catherine Warner
Executive Producer: Sam Long
Musical Director / Arranger: Cameron Bruce
Director of Photography: Sam Chiplin
Editor: Phoebe Taylor @ Arc Edit
Colorist: Olivier Fontenay
Online: Arc Edit

Gotcha 4 life
Founder / Director: Gus Worland
Program Delivery Manager: Vicky Worland
Managing Director: Simon Hamilton
Marketing & Communication Manager: Savannah Fielder

Heiress Movies
Executive Producer: Jennifer Cummins
Impact Producer: Jackie Turnure
Publicist: Hannah Watkins
Website Designer / Developer: Elle Williams
Impact coordinator: Harrison Lochtenberg
Social Media Coordinator: Abbey Cummins
Cast: Kirsty de Vallance, a cast of thousands
Production Accountant: Bronwyn Speziale
Legal Notice: Stephen Boyle

A Ltd
CEO: Chris Freel
Director of Operations: Rachel Troy
Head of industrial partnerships: Saarika Shah

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