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Markets will get explosive later in the season as traders realize supplies will be under-channeled, they got off to a good start from the USDA lowering the trend from 181 to 177…which would still be a national record high return, the friends.

Actually, I just wanted a sequel to tell an old story. My father, a child maybe under 8 years old, was sent to plant beans with a team of horses. My grandfather’s favorite saying was “You will never learn younger!”. I don’t know anything about the old horse planters, from what I remember there were 2 levers, one drops the planter and the other adjusts the seed depth. So Dad would stretch and pull BOTH levers back, of course he should have left the elevator lever alone. Grandpa came after a while and saw he was planting beans 4″ deep, he laughed and told dad about the depth lever. That Sunday afternoon the parents came for coffee, a cake and talk (the good old days) Dad’s aunt Ruth laughed and laughed “You’ll never see those Har Har Har beans. But the deeply planted beans came up just fine like the rest. I believe those old beans were of the “Ottawa Mandarin” variety with large seeds, clear hilum, hard as nails I don’t recommend planting soybeans deep, but in my variable, high fields with patches of peat, I bet these beans sink in 6″ and always come out very well.

Here’s a bead breaker I got from Shoup. 5 stars. Highly recommend! Didn’t use as many swear words 😀

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