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Some of the best opportunities can come from the most unfortunate circumstances, but it takes the right person to see where the opportunities are and then execute them quickly before they pass. Lindsey Bell has used her insight to help retail investors navigate the volatile stock market during pandemic lockdowns.

“Now was the perfect time to take over to let our clients know what was going on at the time,” said Bell, who became the senior chief investment strategist at Ally Invest in September 2019.

Within the brokerage and wealth management division of Ally Financial, Bell leads the team responsible for shaping the knowledge of investing and global markets shared with clients. His team also oversees outreach, which involves the creation of educational content and events.

The list of programs she has created or refined is incredibly long. One example is the weekly YouTube show “Stock Play of the Day,” which Bell is working on with Brian Overby, Ally Invest’s options expert, and Callie Cox, a new addition to the team.

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Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, the Bell team had already completed plans for Ally Invest’s first digital conference, which was slated for March 2020. The lockdowns have only increased the interest of retail investors, who were looking for learning opportunities, and thousands of people signed up to attend.

To meet the continued demand, Bell followed the virtual programming, with the live sessions typically attracting 1,000 people and more to watch the recordings later. Its goal is to present relevant and topical content that doesn’t get too technical for retail investors. “We’re not asking fund managers to come and talk,” Bell said.

After George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police sparked widespread protests last summer, Ally Invest hosted a behavioral finance expert for a virtual fireside chat, which Bell described as a conversation. really great and raw ”. “We try to be on top of the topics that drive the financial markets, but also the culture because there is an intersection of the two,” she said.

Another project that Bell said it was proud of last year was the volatility alerts it created. With a new influx of anxious retail investors trying to navigate the gyrations of the market, Bell asked its three-person team to quickly issue alerts to help investors understand what was going on and why. Alerts are triggered by market events such as the price of oil turning negative and the S&P 500 reaching a new high. “We keep our customers informed in real time and that’s what I’m most proud of,” said Bell. “We have had very good feedback on this.”

Although Bell is on maternity leave until June – linked to her newborn daughter, Quinn Catherine, her first child – she already knows what she’ll be focusing on when she returns: social media initiatives.

Bell wants to use social media to educate retail investors about the risk of “meme stocks,” a phenomenon that has recently hit the stocks of companies like GameStop. She is dismayed that people who are not qualified to give investment advice and who are not used to making calls on a stock have become so influential on social media.

“I see them as our competition from a content point of view. It is extremely concerning if people are listening to this and you have to have a strategy to combat this in some way, ”Bell said.

She intends to step up Ally Invest’s social media activity to help clients better sort through the deluge of information online to find content they can trust.

Executive Appointment: Lule Demmissie, president

What she said: From the day Bell started at Ally Invest in September 2019, she has created value for clients through market insight that would prove ‘invaluable’ in a year shattered by a pandemic and social unrest, Demmissie said. . “As extreme market volatility set in during its first year, Lindsey has stayed in step with every turning point in the market, developing new ways to communicate and reassure our customers along the way,” he said. she declared.


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