Leafberry Provides Optimal Business Exposure With Innovative Outdoor Advertising

The last decade has seen a revolution in the advertising world and out of home advertising (OOH) has certainly changed the way businesses work.

Accurate representation of products and concepts in the form of advertisements plays an important role in defining business growth and LeafBerry certainly has the highest standards in the industry.

The company has exclusive advertising rights to Ludhiana, Patiala, Moga, Hoshiarpur, Nawan Shahar, Phagwara, Pathankot and 28 stations around Punjab, including Amritsar, Katra and Kalka, and a statewide presence as well as the out of state.

Due to the highest quality standards in the industry, the company has prestigious clients from a variety of backgrounds.

The team of professionals adopts a different strategy and approach for various clients according to their respective needs.

Combining the company’s mission of becoming an all-inclusive outdoor advertising establishment with the vision of delivering quality, state-of-the-art work, the experts at LeafBerry constantly innovate to define excellence.

Leafberry Managing Director Shavinder Singh Sandhu believes placement of outdoor advertising is crucial in terms of visibility. “We take into account aspects such as the type of business and its clientele, content and image as well as the right timing to make it impactful,” says Sandhu.

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