Koch Media hosts Summer Game Fest livestream

Koch Media, the owner of Deep Silver, is announcing a Summer Game Fest livestream called Koch Primetime that will air just before E3 2021.

Koch Media, the owner of Deep Silver, has announced that he will be hosting a livestream for Summer Game Fest called Koch Primetime. This event was revealed via the Summer Game Fest Twitter account, and it may contain updates on the next one. Saints Row 5, Maneater: Quest for Truth, Shadow warrior 3, or more franchises under the umbrella of Koch Media.

Koch Primetime is slated for June 11 and will air at midnight Pacific Time the day before E3 2021 begins. As Koch Media has confirmed its presence at E3 this year, the live stream may have been programmed there on purpose. Koch Primetime could serve as a way to generate hype for Koch Media’s E3 showcase.

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It is a real possibility that Saints Row 5 could make an appearance during E3 2021, but the announcement could also drop during Koch Primetime. However, while the new Saints row The game is the biggest title that Koch Media has currently in development, and one with some of the more unknown developments as the title has been silent for years, a variety of other games could also appear during the livestream. For example Dead Island 2, which has been in a state of hellish development since 2014, but which the developers say is still in active production. Yes Dead Island 2 is coming out for next-gen consoles, it would make sense for the game to be rediscovered soon.

Another game likely to surface during Koch Primetime is Maneater, specifically the Maneater: Seeker of Truth DLC that promises to expand the level cap, add a new region, and explore what happened after the original game’s ambiguous ending. Maneater: Seeker of Truth was announced on April 1, so it’s possible the DLC was just a very well-executed prank, but in this case, Deep Silver or Tripwire Interactive would probably have admitted it by now. Supposing Maneater: Seeker of Truth is indeed a true expansion, it would be a solid addition to the Koch Primetime range.

Koch Media is also the owner of Flying Wild Hogs, which means the next Shadow Warrior 3 will likely make an appearance during the livestream and might even get a gameplay demo. Sadly, a franchise that almost certainly won’t be a part of Koch Primetime or E3 2021 is TimeSplitters. While the Free Radical studio has been officially reformed under the umbrella of Deep Silver, everything they are currently working on is still very early in development. TimeSplitters Fans are unlikely to see anything of this project until at least 2022.

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