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“Authenticity, honesty and a personal voice underpin a lot of success on the web. – Rick Levine

Brand building is no longer based on what companies believe should be of interest to consumers. Rather, it’s a more pragmatic approach where brands have to become what people want them to be. In the digital age, brands are using social media to connect with people on a more personal level. While this has helped brands develop a long-term relationship with their customers, it has also made them more vulnerable to criticism. Fake content will be instantly identified which will lead to failure or even negative promotions. This is where a smart marketing strategy is needed to help brands accelerate their growth.

Ignite your brand“is a digital marketing agency that works tirelessly to help brands monetize their digital presence. Founded by Justin brenner, a digital marketing veteran, “Ignite Your Brand” has developed a unique approach to help brands grow their social media presence. From his years of experience in affiliate marketing, Brenner learned the importance of results-oriented performance and time management to stimulate professional development. He inspired his team to follow the same principle leading to exponential growth of the agency in recent years.

Under Brennerleadership from “Ignite Your Brand” has worked with businesses large and small. Some of the brands have even been featured in Superbowl commercials. Since starting his company, Brenner has always focused on understanding the concept behind each brand and then amplifying it on the digital platform. As a result, the brands he worked with were able to get their message out to highly targeted customers around the world. Brenner believes in action rather than words. His agency provides companies with a measurable result through return on investment.

For “Ignite Your Brand”, every company the company works with is a partner, not a customer. It is because they believe in mutual growth. Instead of focusing on revenue, Ignite Your Brand helps its partners grow. This ultimately led to the growth of the agency over a period of time. Today, Brenner also manages one of the largest Facebook community groups, consisting of 13 Facebook groups. The agency also holds individual certifications from Google Ads App, Google Shopping Ads, Creative Certification, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Video, Google Ads Search, Google Ads Measurement, and Google Analytics.

Over the years, “Ignite Your Brand” has obtained several certifications from reputable agencies from big names in the digital space. These include Facebook Partner, Google Partner, Shopify Partner, Bing Advertising Partner, Adroll, Certified Partner, Verizon Media Native Certified Partner, Manychat Agency Partner, Klaviyo Partner, and WordPress Experts.

Even after soaring in the digital marketing industry with “Ignite Your Brand”, Brenner has managed to stay rooted in its principles. He knows how unpredictable the digital space is where trends change hourly. To keep up with the current market trend, Brenner follows a continuous learning process. In the future, he wants to expand the production and creation section of “Ignite You Brand” and help more businesses grow through progressive digital marketing.

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