It’s the perfect time to buy this exciting social media stock at a discount

pinterest (PINS 6.50%) may never make as much money from their international users as they do from their US users, but there is still considerable potential for expansion ahead. In this clip from “The Rank” on Motley Fool live, recorded on April 25Motley Fool contributor Danny Vena explains why now is a great time to invest in Pinterest at a discount.

Danny Vena: The interesting thing for me about Pinterest, and I think one of the reasons why, besides the decline in users, which isn’t just because we’re at the end, I think, of the pandemic, but also because there are seasonalities there. But, I think Wall Street doesn’t like uncertainty. I’ve said it many times before. And sometimes Wall Street takes a wait-and-see attitude, and they do the same thing with Pinterest that they’re with. Etsy (ETSY 4.80%). They saw a drop in the user base. And a lot of investors say, “Okay, well, they haven’t monetized their international users yet to the extent that they have their user base in the United States, and maybe they don’t. won’t. And I think that’s a good point. But for Matt’s point, the fact that we’re talking about $0.08 on that slide you showed versus almost $5 for the United States , I think there’s a lot of room for expansion there, and I think investors shouldn’t get caught up in the fact that they’ll never earn as much from their international users as they do from their US users. okay. They don’t have to. But like Matt said, if they hit a dollar, that’s kind of a tenfold increase in their largest user cohort, which is the rest of the world. So I’d say it’s a really good time to get this discounted stock. I don’t think it’s ever going to be the biggest social media. But I think it will always be the least toxic social network. And therefore people who are tired of snide and snide comments and gs of that nature are going to retreat here rather than go to some of the bigger social media sites.

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