In marketing, we are confident to host the Google Analytics 4 conference in the metaverse

The panel discussion “GA4 – A New Horizon for Marketing Optimization” will take place on May 19th.

With next year marking the end of Universal Analytics, it’s time to prepare for the new era of Google Analytics 4 and In Marketing We Trust is about to host a special event in the Metaverse to prepare marketers to future changes.

‘GA4 – A New Horizon for Marketing Optimization’ is a free event taking place on the 19and May at 6:00 p.m. AEST in the Metaverse in Horizon Workrooms. He will explore what this significant shift in Google’s analytics landscape means for the digital industry, as well as how to prepare for the looming deadline of late June 2022 as the recommended date to implement GA4.

In Marketing We Trust is one of only 20 Google Analytics Certified Partners in Australia. You can register for free on 19and May GA4 event in the Metaverse here.

The transition to GA4 will disrupt all digital markets. In Marketing We Trust believes that change will lead to the downfall of some of the old digital dominators, replaced by a wave of new leaders: smaller companies with smaller budgets but smarter marketing teams – using insights, integrations and… GA4’s most precise AI to maximize every touch point.

At the special online event in May, thought leaders and technical specialists from In Marketing We Trust will explore how digital savvy businesses will win with GA4, how they can convert more, increase basket value and frequency and speak to customers with more targeted marketing content. All this without having to increase marketing budgets.

‘GA4 – A New Horizon for Marketing Optimization’ expert panel includes Paul Hewett

(CEO, In Marketing We Trust), Benoit Weber (Head of Digital Analytics, In Marketing We Trust), Alan Bluwol (Director, Head of Customer Engagement at Servian) and Selina Gough (Head of Digital, In Marketing We Trust).

In a frank and open discussion, the panel will explore:

  • Changes: comparing GA4 with UA – what are the losses and gains?
  • Power specifications: tools to improve every metric, from traffic to lifetime value
  • Report : replace out-of-the-box reports with more in-depth custom insights
  • Confidentiality is important: How will you cope in a future without cookies?
  • Integrations how GA4 syncs with advertising platforms and CRM to analyze, personalize and automate your messaging, including paid media campaigns
  • Data requests: additional ways to take advantage of the BigQuery mass of data. Smart segmentation, value analysis, next best stocks, and more.
  • Chronology why the next market leaders act NOW

Metaverse event host, CEO Paul Hewett, has extensive experience in data and marketing analytics, with nearly two decades of consulting businesses on the application of data for performance optimization marketing. In his previous role as Chairman of the Board of DMA UK, Paul was actively involved in the industry response to the formation of the GDPR. Respect for privacy policies was one of the key factors in the creation of GA4 by Google.

Meanwhile, Head of Digital Analytics at In Marketing We Trust, Benoit Weber, has already migrated many large websites to Google Analytics 4 and is an advocate for privacy and data governance.

Alan Bluwol leads the Customer Experience practice at Servian and has over 15 years of experience delivering data and digital transformation strategies for some of Australia’s biggest brands including Accor, Australia Post, Telstra, BT, Zurich, Westpac, JCDecaux, AstraZeneca and many more.

Selina Gough, Head of Digital at In Marketing We Trust, has over a decade of experience in all facets of digital marketing, with a focus on strategic and performance marketing. Selina will also talk about changes to paid media in the GA4 landscape.

The “GA4 – A New Horizon for Marketing Optimization” event is a timely reminder of how to avoid pitfalls in the new world of GA4.

  • Those ignore end of UA will lose 100% of their data – as they are due to go offline next year
  • Those dilatory the transition will be slow to thrive, as GA4 must “learn” each company with 12 months of preliminary data
  • Those who splash around with GA4 will NEVER see its true value – because a bespoke configuration is a work of Google Certified Experts

With so much risk, we are headed for a two-tiered market: a world where some thrive on the smartest tools and knowledge, while others stumble in the dark, guessing their way.

The good news is you can always avoid these risks and enjoy GA4. However, with Universal Analytics ending next year, that chance is fast fading. Over the next 8 weeks, you need to know how you will use the new platform and plan for the transition.

Last word: GA4 puts every company back in the race for market dominance. But it’s a race you can only win by doing it right…and doing it now.

Join this unique event and prepare for transition.

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