How the media, ex-Seahawks and fans are reacting to Seattle’s win over Russell Wilson, Broncos

The Seahawks held off Russell Wilson and the Broncos for an early-season win over their former quarterback of the past decade.

But what exactly was Denver coach Nathaniel Hackett thinking?

Wilson may not have done the Broncos much service with his clock management as he attempted an all-too-familiar game-winning run, but Hackett opted to have Brandon McManus throw a 64-yard field goal instead. to go fourth and -5 from the Seahawks 46-yard line.

As expected, the reactions were quick and harsh for the freshman head coach on social media.

And they weren’t the only harsh reactions with former Seahawks Doug Baldwin and Richard Sherman tweeting their own reactions to Wilson’s first loss in another jersey.

Here’s how the national media, fans and just about everyone are reacting to the Seahawks’ savage Week 1 win.

Seahawks 17, Broncos 16

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