How Television Is Coming Back To Heroes, With Jim Helberg, RPA Media Director

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As addressable TV advertising gains traction, so does the enthusiasm of agencies and marketers. This week on AdExchanger Talks, Jim Helberg, media director for independent agency RPA, describes the progress made so far and what he hopes to see next.

RPA customers see benefits in CTV that closely track the effectiveness of digital programming. RPA can easily understand consumer behaviors, target audiences with the right need, and connect individual ad exposures to conversions. The pain points often mentioned for CTV – frequency management, fraud and transparency – are not major concerns for Helberg.

“Results vary by client and campaign, but overall I couldn’t be happier with our current situation,” he says.

Helberg’s big demand of the industry at this point is for media vendors to step up their efforts. We want to see technology spending accelerated by the largest broadcast and cable companies in order to increase viewership and create a more addressable ad inventory.

“I really encourage everyone on the larger broadcast side to invest in this piece. This could be the return of a lot of income to their systems, ”he said. “What was once the power of large blunt objects in audience terms could now translate into the power of precision in a world of platforms we never could have even imagined. But it will depend on the technology. ”

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