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HARi & Co, a French start-up offering plant-based alternatives, recently launched a communication campaign on social networks to help the French to give up meat. The accompanying website and posters with a “fake” toll-free number were even created for the occasion to help French people addicted to meat.

At the end of this campaign, Emmanuel Brehier, co-founder of HARi & Co, explains: “The initiative was in fact an awareness campaign to raise awareness. Fortunately, meat is not an addiction comparable to tobacco or alcohol and we do not need a device to combat this addiction.

Before continuing: “But, with 86 kg of meat consumed on average by French people per year, our company is still addicted to meat products. It’s time to act and realize that reducing meat consumption is the first simple thing we can do to limit our impact on the environment.

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The campaign aims to raise awareness among the French and political leaders, because, despite some progress following the climate law, the transition to a more plant-based diet is progressing much too slowly. This is why HARi & Co created the slogan “Meat, for the planet, I brake!”

HARi & Co offers the French to reduce their meat consumption and to turn to vegetable alternatives, for example with the brand’s vegetable meatballs and pancakes.

The products are sold in supermarkets but are also consumed in some school canteens and university restaurants. In order to offer plant-based alternatives rich in protein, HARi & Co products are made from lentils, chickpeas or red beans.

Hari & Co
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All the legumes used are produced in France. This year, HARi & Co wants to create its own organic legume sector in partnership with local farmers from the Rhône-Alpes region. The objective is to fairly remunerate farmers, to have raw materials near the production workshops and to create a sustainable agricultural model that respects the environment.

In order to help partner farmers get started, a crowdfunding campaign was recently created and interested contributors still have 10 days to participate. The funds raised will help launch this project by helping farmers finance their first seeds of lentils and chickpeas.


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