Gundy, Co-ordinators and Cowboys chat with media ahead of Spring Football Finals

Coach mike gundy

On if there’s someone he wants to watch better:
“Not really, just everyone. They all get good reps, the young guys get quality work. They train hard. I feel good with our concepts and our patterns. I feel good with our coaches, and I feel good about the adjustments with Coach Mason. The players are getting to know these guys, so we had a really good spring.

Offensive line performance:
“Well, they’re fine. Most of these guys are first-year players now because we have four starters who are in rehab right now, recovery period. So these guys are mostly new. They become full-speed work, which is good The fact that if they’re thrown into the fire in August, they’ve had a lot of rehearsals this spring.

On the biggest takeaways from spring practice:
“We have a good group of guys. Hard working guys, guys who like to be together and compete. We don’t have any problems. The guys took care of each other in the spring and competed so hard. It’s another step in making this organization work the way it has for the past 18 years.”

defensive coordinator Derek Mason

On creating competition in spring practice:
“Our (coaching team) teaches the guys to do their best. We have energy, I think our guys are a bit experienced at the start, so you want to build on some of that experience. But, you want some of these new guys and young guys to show their faces, and I think they have… Every day is a chore, every day is a job interview.”

On his first impression of culture at Oklahoma State
“They’re smart. They’re physical. The discipline and tenacity that Coach Gundy talks about is pervasive and present every day. A standard, it’s just about living up to the standard.”

On working with the defensive coaching staff:
“The coaching staff that I’ve been with for the last two and a half months, all of these guys can be coordinators. They’re all extremely brilliant. For me, I think it’s about giving these guys the ability to write scripts to call things. in practice, allowing all these guys to grow. I think it’s brought us all together. I want to be in a room with a bunch of smart guys, not be the guy the smartest in the room. I think here at Oklahoma State, that’s what I have.”

Why he chose to coach at Oklahoma State:
“What attracts me to college football is the ability to teach. You teach young minds. They have the opportunity to learn. My job is to make parents a better product than when they are Stillwater feels like home. It feels like I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona to be honest. I love a place like this… This place reminds me of home.

Offensive Coordinator Kasey Dunn

The quarterback by Spencer Sander progress:
“I just think it’s maturity. I just think he’s more relaxed, especially in the pocket, when we do our stuff back. He’s just comfortable there. He’s at the comfortable knowing where everyone is. I don’t necessarily know if it’s because of a game or something like that pushing him forward. Again, I go back to the Baylor one, he got out of that one and took it hard and was able to put it behind him I think that was a big step in his maturation I think as we go forward he’s gonna to be fit. There’s a reason the guy is the first All-Big 12 team the guy can play. So we’re lucky to have him here and get him up next year.”

Moving guys:
“These kids are out there and they’re playing fast. I wish there was defined depth, but there really isn’t. We’re just filling in the blanks and putting guys in different positions and trying to put together the best group we can for the fall. That’s where we are now. It’s just everyday that I can put someone else in a different position and Go from there because we have a ton of depth. And with all that depth, it kind of makes it easy to mix guys up and see where they fit best.”

On how the wide receiver group is progressing:
“Yeah, we’re just trying to raise the bar with them now. Overall I think we’re in really good shape. We’ve got a couple deep threes with these wide right now. I’m not saying there’s a cow bell, that’s for sure. It’s not like you’re running there with (Justin) Blackmon, who won the Biletnikoff, or Tylan who was a runner-up. You know the drill. But we’ve got a lot of guys capable and I think that makes us more whole than we have been in the past. Certainly deeper.

On whether they made the most of the offensive line situation:
“I think so. You’d like to think that as coaches we just try to do our best for the big picture, which is the offensive line, the defensive line, you know, the trenches. But also, that our quarterback feels that too. You can’t just go out there and go seven-on-seven all the time. So we got nicks and bumps and bruises and all that kind of things and we are a little light there”

defensive end Tyler Lacy

At the end of spring training:
“I feel like the team is ready for the final. I mean, everyone’s excited to be here again, you know. I feel like it should be exciting just because fans come in and people’s parents come in, so I feel like everyone is excited about it.”

Aid in the development of the offensive line:
“Come here and grind. I go to work every day, so it’s up to them…I trust them. They do their job and hang in there.”

defensive end Colin Olivier

On the flow of spring training:
“It’s been good. Everyone’s flying out, fulfilling their responsibilities. I think it’s been really good so far.”

By playing under Derek Mason:
“It’s been different, of course, but different in a good way. Because with Coach Knowles, we lost a good piece, but we also brought in a good piece. I think it’s been really good. We adapt well and we’ll get there.”

On how things are different with a new coordinator:
“It’s a bit different in the way we conduct certain drills, but overall it’s the same. It’s just an exciting new approach to our defence.”

Strategist spencer sander

Having the same offensive coaching staff for several years:
“It showed clearly last year. It was my first spring ball with the same coaches as the year before, so it was just sort of with the same mindset. You know, you listen and you listen and you learn. So you just keep hearing this repetitive and you kind of get into a rhythm and then you learn what he wants from you on certain games. And then every once in a while he’ll slip in some something in there a little more difficult for me, and we will accomplish them slowly.”

What he attributes his maturity to:
“It probably comes down to (Coach Tim) Rattay. Whether every play is a good play or every play is a bad play, you throw it out the window and you move on to the next game. After the game, if you win, you celebrate If you lose, you learn.

On his mental progression:
“That’s probably the main focus right now. Just getting to where I can see everything, know everything about what’s going on in this playbook and what’s going on in games.”

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