Governor Dunleavy Vetoes $5 Million Seafood Marketing Institute

Fishing for Sitka sac roe herring near Sitka in 2017. (Photo by Troy Thynes/ADFG)

Governor Dunleavy announced budget vetoes worth $763,329,800 in June. This included a $5 million cut for ASMI, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.

ASMI is a state agency whose mission is to increase the economic value of Alaskan seafood products and create demand for them.

Jeff Turner, the governor’s spokesman, said in an email that ASMI had received $7 million in federal COVID relief funds and had “a substantial amount of program revenue available for the next fiscal year.” .

This remaining amount is $3.1 million.

ASMI’s funding went through several iterations leading to veto. The governor had included $28.5 million for the institute in his original budget proposal last December. The House finance committee reduced that amount by $7 million. Then the Senate Finance Committee handed over $5 million, which was ultimately approved by the conference committee comprised of both bodies. However, the governor ended up vetoing that amount.

Turner wrote, “After a thorough review of agency funding, it was determined that the $5 million was not required this fiscal year for ASMI to promote and advertise seafood from Alaska. . . All funds that were vetoed from the FY23 budget will be deposited into the state’s Rainy Day Fund, the Constitutional Fiscal Reserve Account. »

ASMI staff would not comment on the funding.

The Alaska legislature could override the governor’s vetoes, but it takes 45 votes. Since Dunleavy has been in power, there hasn’t been enough support for waivers.

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