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Space link announced that Wendy newman joined as vice president of marketing and communications. Newman, formerly Wendy Lewis, has a long history of raising awareness and raising the profile of companies in the space and satellite industry.

Wendy newman

Wendy is a marketing and communications professional with 15 years of experience in satellites and space. Prior to joining SpaceLink, she provided marketing and communications services to SpaceLink and other technology companies as a director of Strategic Voice, a public relations company she founded in 2019. Prior to that, she was Senior Director of Communications at SSL, now a business unit of Maxar, where she worked for 12 years. She also led corporate communications and investor relations for Loral Space & Communications.

SpaceLink provides secure, continuous, high-capacity connectivity to orbiting spacecraft with a constellation of medium earth orbit (MEO) relay satellites that use both RF and optical inter-satellite links for real-time tasks and access to the enormous flow of information that satellite operators need to provide their customers with the intelligence to make decisions in a fraction of a second.

With SpaceLink, LEO satellite operators benefit from low latency, always on access to data, visitors to commercial space stations benefit from continuous communication capability, and satellite repairers or tugs receive maneuvering instructions at all times, because one of the SpaceLink satellites is always visible. SpaceLink responds to the pent-up demand for fast and affordable access to the growing flow of data available from space.

After supporting the SpaceLink effort from the start as a consultant with Strategic Voice, we are excited and gratified that Wendy has committed to joining the team full-time,” said Tony Colucci, Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer at SpaceLink. “As we continue to attract partners, customers and investors, Wendy’s work is helping to build awareness of our reputation as a transformational company that makes satellite data available in real-time.”
“As a general rule, we like to associate our advertising icon, the Aflac duck, with culturally relevant people” That would be Nick Saban Mon, 10 Jan 2022 22:39:06 +0000

COLUMBUS, Georgia (WRBL) – Alabama coach Nick Saban isn’t just a championship coach. He became a championship pitchman for Aflac.

Since Columbus-based Aflac signed Saban as a pitcher, Alabama are 37-3 and play for their second straight national game on Monday night.

Aflac has also done well over the past three years. Shares of the company are up nearly 30% with Saban on the team.

Lots of money for a company valued at $ 41.62 billion. And the Columbus-based insurance company has staked a lot of money on the Alabama football coach over the past three years, pairing Saban with the iconic spokesperson.

“Generally, we like to associate our advertising icon, the Aflac Duck, with culturally relevant people,” said Shannon Watkins, Director of Brand and Marketing for Aflac.

It would be Saban, arguably the greatest college football coach of all time.

“And usually we change the celebrities that we feature, you know, on an annual basis or during a campaign to campaign,” Watkins said. “But Coach Saban was different. We haven’t thought of a better time than now to pair the greatest soccer coach of all time – or recruiting coach Aflac to Coach Saban – with the ad icon and GOAT, the Aflac duck.

This year Aflac added an important player – Coach Prime.

Deion Sanders is the head coach of HBCU Jackson State. He is also a former two-sports athlete who played in the NFL and Major League Baseball.

Aflac was trying to broaden its reach.

“When we established this campaign and started thinking about where we could take the script in 2021, we wanted to match Coach Saban with someone who was a big one, from whom they could benefit from each other. others, ”Watkins said. “But really, we see their roster the same way we see our roster with Coach Saban. It’s around the goal.

And that goal involved the national social justice movement after 2020. Watkins says Coach Prime helped broaden the message.

“When you think about it in a soccer context, a lot of people knew one aspect of the soccer diaspora, but they didn’t know the entire other aspect of the soccer diaspora, namely HBCU soccer in the varsity landscape,” Watkins mentioned.

Regardless of what happens tonight, it has been a winning season for all concerned.

“It’s been a storytelling season for Aflac,” Watkins said. “And a storybook opportunity to partner with some of the greatest people of all time and some of the greatest coaches of all time.”

Aflac plans to run commercials throughout the broadcast tonight, on the pre-match show, post-match show and during the match.

Jay Rasik Modi Wins Business Excellence Award for Founding Best Online FinTech Platforms in Canada Mon, 10 Jan 2022 11:02:00 +0000

CALGARY, AB, January 10, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Calgary based businessman, Jay modi received the Business Excellence Award 2020 for the founding of some of the from Canada best online FinTech platforms.

Jay Rasik Modi wins Business Excellence Award (CNW Group / BFC Media Corp.)

“Thanks to AI Global for this award, I appreciate the recognition and the award”. Jay said. “Today’s business environment is increasingly competitive, which is why this award is welcomed and received with gratitude and gratitude to all of the people who have collectively worked to build this award within our group. », Declares Jay modi, award recipient.

Jay modi has been involved in several industries during his career in business and, like many founders and entrepreneurs, has seen wins and losses in his quest for a strong business base and diversity among the companies that ‘he owns. Speaking with Jay, it is clear that he has learned a multitude of aspects of the complicated business world over the past few years that not even a decade at a university or college could have taught him what he has. lived in the real word of business.

“I dropped out of college in my first 6 months,” Jay says. “For me, this was just not the right solution, I needed to go straight into business and make my own mistakes. I was self-taught and read several books on business and and at a young age I made it my mandate to surround myself with older, smarter business people to absorb their advice and wisdom, then I immersed myself directly into the real world and I rolled with the punches, ”says Jay.

Jay has continued to deliver on his commitments to everyone who has supported him in the past and has a bright future ahead in the tech and fintech industry, having helped build the sales and revenue division for some. of from Canada The best Fintech platforms.

AI Global Media is the administrator of the awards. Since 2010, AI Global Media has been committed to creating engaging B2B content that informs readers and enables them to market their business to a global audience. AI has 12 unique brands, each of them serving a specific industry or region. Each brand covers the latest industry news and publishes a digital magazine and newsletter that is read by a global audience. The flagship brand, Acquisition International, distributes a monthly digital magazine to a global circulation of more than 108,000 companies, which benefit from a range of features and news on the latest developments in the global business market. Along with this, AI has a luxury lifestyle magazine, LUX Life, which appeals to a range of high net worth individuals, giving them insight into the latest products, experiences and innovations. AI also owns brands such as Global Health & Pharma focuses on the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

AI Global says, “Introducing companies that have worked hard to provide their customers with the best service and the best products is important to us. in our rewards programs “. Steve simpson, spokesperson for the Business Excellence Awards, said: “We are delighted to present the Business Excellence Award to Jay for founding some of the best online personal finance platforms at CanadaJay has worked tirelessly over the past few years to help everyone around him build a sustainable and successful business in the fintech world. At AI Global, we believe Jay has accomplished this and that he has a lot more growth ahead of him, ”says Steve.

On Jay rasik modi

Born in London, United Kingdom, Jay modi moved to Canada in 1997. He attended Western Canada High School in Calgary, Canada, and then went to the University of Calgary. Jay started his first business, an organic pasta business, while attending the University of Calgary, which then took off and was very successful. Jay made the decision to focus on this business and not complete his education, which he considers one of the best decisions he has ever made. This decision paved the way and allowed Jay to have more than 20 years of business experience in several industries. Jay has been involved in food manufacturing, asset management, film production, real estate and now has a strong focus on the tech and tech industries.

About AI Global

Since 2010, AI Global Media has been committed to creating engaging B2B content that informs readers and enables them to market their business to a global audience. AI has 12 unique brands, each of them serving a specific industry or region. Each brand covers the latest industry news and publishes a digital magazine and newsletter that is read by a global audience. The flagship brand, Acquisition International, distributes a monthly digital magazine to a global circulation of more than 108,000 companies, which benefit from a range of features and news on the latest developments in the global business market. Along with this, AI has a luxury lifestyle magazine, LUX Life, which appeals to a range of high net worth individuals, giving them insight into the latest products, experiences and innovations. AI also owns brands such as Global Health & Pharma focuses on the medical and pharmaceutical industry.



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For media, COVID alarm is a hard habit to break Sun, 09 Jan 2022 17:30:07 +0000

The coronavirus is a hard habit for the media to break – and it pushes other dangers off the stage and out of sight.

As the country marks a year since the Capitol attack last week, most mainstream media have still made COVID-19 and the Omicron variant their primary focus. Each twist in the pandemic continues to engulf resources and dominate the headlines at the expense of equally pressing stories.

Like threats against American democracy.

The COVID-19 crisis has changed, but the extent and tone of media coverage has not. Overheated language in print and on cable requires readers and viewers to treat the outbreak like it was 18 months ago – before vaccines, boosters and a new, less deadly strain.

Dr Anthony FauciAnthony FauciUK officials vote against fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine Overnight healthcare – Presented by AstraZeneca and Friends of Cancer Research – Former advisers urge Biden to revise strategy United States sets record on Wednesday COVID-19 PLUS pediatric hospitalizations, President BidenJoe Biden Are we investing trillions in what matters? Biden praises Reid as a fighter “for the America we all love” at Fox News memorial service tops ratings for coverage of the events of January 6 MOREOmicron’s chief medical adviser last week placed greater emphasis not on the gross number of Omicron cases but on hospitalizations. Thanks in part to the vaccine distribution effort, that number was significantly lower as a percentage of those infected compared to previous variants. Other public health experts agreed.

In a speech on Tuesday, Biden called Omicron a cause of “concern” but not “alarm”. He again noted that, overall, only the unvaccinated face the most serious consequences.

Yet during her regular White House briefing later today, the press secretary Jen psakiJen PsakiPandemic pushes teacher unions center stage ahead of midterm exams It was asked whether the administration had “lost control” of the pandemic, as “some” had claimed.

There are certainly credible and honest ways to answer this question with a “yes” or a “no”. (Psaki sort of did both.) But it’s also worth admitting that journalism has, in its own way, lost control of the narrative – by sticking to the same script for too long.

On January 5, the eve of the anniversary of the attack on the Capitol, a nationwide outlet morning newsletter was run by Omicron – this time emphasizing that it was “softer” than previous variants. . The conclusion: COVID-19 “looks more and more like the kind of health risk that people accept every day.”

However, readers of that same outlet’s “California” newsletter were subsequently bombarded with stories of a “dramatic spike” in cases, a “record” in transmission, and a “1000 percent” increase in positive drug results. virus testing. It was only a few paragraphs later that the report admitted that there is, yes, a “disconnect” between the number of Omicron cases (high) and the number of hospitalizations (low).

A similar confusion reigned in a major West Coast newspaper. A headline on Wednesday shouted “Coronavirus cases explode in California”. But a day earlier, the newspaper published an Associated Press article titled, “COVID-19 cases could drop in importance amid Omicron. “

It is difficult to see how all of this will advance the cause of journalism. True: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has hardly been a touchstone of consistency throughout this crisis. But a key mission for journalists is to inform and clarify, rather than simply acting as a frantic intermediary between a confused message and an anxious audience. For all the time and resources spent on COVID-19, it is doubtful that most news consumers feel they now have a better perspective on the virus.

That’s because perspective isn’t what drives coronavirus coverage. Instead, each new development is an additional opportunity to ensure that audiences don’t switch channels or Google on another topic. And these other subjects are losers because of it.

Increasingly, media critics are urging reporters, producers and publishers to cover risks to American democracy – beyond January 6 – in a sustained fashion, with the same sort of urgent daily and hourly headlines devoted to the pandemic.

But that’s going to take a major change. No news organization today has unlimited resources; cutbacks and layoffs still plague many newsrooms. When a lot of these strained resources are spent on all of COVID-19, all the time something else is falling through the cracks. Today, this other element is a tradition of self-government dating back almost 250 years.

Journalism needs to breathe deeply and watch every change in the history of the virus with fresh eyes. Editors and producers should take a close look and justify the time, tone and effort they are putting into covering the pandemic.

And then some of that journalistic muscle has to shift into a very different but even more virulent epidemic – an epidemic that attacks the body politic.

January 6 was not just one day of compelling videos and captivating photos. It wasn’t the last chapter of anything.

Yes, COVID-19 continues. But this other story? It’s not over either.

Joe Ferullo is an award-winning media executive, producer and reporter and former executive vice president of programming for CBS Television Distribution. He was news director for NBC, writer-producer for “Dateline NBC” and worked for ABC News. Follow him on twitter @ ironworker1.

CRAB Announces New Marketing Director | | Sun, 09 Jan 2022 10:04:49 +0000

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland – Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Rebecca Gonser as Director of Marketing for the nation’s premier adapted recreational boating organization. Rebecca will be responsible for executing CRAB’s successful marketing strategies and increasing boating opportunities and bay access for the disabled community, recovering warriors and youth from underserved communities.

“We are very happy that Rebecca is joining the CRAB team. “Said Executive Director Paul” Bo “Bollinger,” His ability to manage multiple marketing and communications initiatives is exactly what CRAB needs as we move to our new site and expand our programs, services and outreach. “

She will be responsible for expanding the overall CRAB brand recognition and leading the ribbon cutting marketing programs for the new Adaptive Navigation Center later this year.

Rebecca has extensive experience working in the non-profit sector. Most recently, she led a support network assisting 140 Navy families in two large rapid attack submarine deployments, and was a key player in crisis management and public messaging to ensure rapid communication while maintaining operational security.

Additionally, Rebecca has worked in the education sector and was responsible for facilitating and nurturing relationships with key constituents, local media, government officials, businesses, teachers, administrators, parents and students. .

Rebecca sits on the Board of Directors of the Annapolis Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and lives in Severna Park with her husband and three children.

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Fan sues Giants, Jets for $ 6 billion demanding that both teams leave New Jersey and play home games in New York Sat, 08 Jan 2022 22:11:00 +0000
Giants of the New York Jets
Getty Images

Although both teams operate and represent the greater New York metropolitan area, the fact that the New York Giants and New York Jets have played East Rutherford, NJ for decades has been a point of contention for those whose pride resides on a certain side. of the Hudson River.

So much so that a certain fan was forced to take legal action over the question of what the territory of the NFL teams in New York really is. According to a report by Larry McShane from New York Daily News, a $ 6 billion lawsuit was filed in Manhattan federal court in January that requires the Giants and Jets to abandon MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and return to play in New York by 2025.

Court documents also called for both teams to be renamed East Rutherford Giants / Jets for as long as they play in Garden State.

“If the Giants and Jets want to call themselves New York teams, they have to come back to New York,” Greenwich Village plaintiff Abdiell Suero said in court documents. “I have traveled to and from MetLife Stadium by public transit and by car, and both directions are a nightmare.”

The lawsuit seeks $ 2 billion in damages and $ 4 billion in punitive damages, with legal claims against both teams including false advertising and deceptive practices. The lawsuit claims that the plaintiff and the group, which includes all Giants and Jets fans living in New York City, suffered “mental and emotional damage, including depression, sadness and anxiety … as a result of the conduct of the defendants “.

The Giants issued a statement in response to the lawsuit, stating that “this case has no merit and we will vigorously defend it.” The Jets have yet to comment on the matter.

The Giants have played East Rutherford since 1976, when they crossed the Hudson River to Giants Stadium after playing their glory days at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. The Jets became tenants of the Giants in New Jersey in 1984 after playing at Shea Stadium in Queens. The two teams now share equally the MetLife Stadium which is located next to the wear of Giants Stadium.

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5 key personal finance tips for 2022 Sat, 08 Jan 2022 13:56:31 +0000

With a lot of Christmas keys in hand and debt under their belt, it won’t be an easy year for Britons when it comes to personal finance and savings. Experts believe 2022 could bring higher bills, rising interest rates, and taxes that will dramatically affect your monthly budget. This is why analyzing your current situation and setting financial goals at the start of the year are very important.

So here are the five key personal finance tips for 2022.

  1. Pay off your debts

Ignoring and not paying your debts on time can affect your financial health and your credit rating. Banks can also add interest to your debts, further increasing your financial burden. Around 20% of Britons surveyed say they want to focus on this first. Since restrictions were lifted in the UK, Brits are spending more than they pay back.

According to the ONS, 27% of people were unable to pay an unexpected £ 850 bill out of the blue. The New Year is a good time to figure out how much debt you have and take the time to prioritize which debts you need to pay off first. Paying off high interest debt first is always a good idea to pay less interest. You should try to stick to your budget and prevent yourself from using unnecessary debt.

© 2022 Kalkine Media®

  1. Save money on bills

Energy bills could rise significantly from April and interest rates are expected to rise 0.1%. According to the Resolution Foundation, taxes could reach £ 3,000 (US $ 3,975) per household and 2.25% points will be added to national insurance in April. Investment taxes for over £ 2,000 in dividends will rise 1.25% from April.

In addition, the one-year suspension of the triple state pension lockdown will give retirees a 3.1% increase in line with CPI inflation. But since the resolution was passed by the UK government, inflation has risen massively, raising concerns among retirees who depend on state pensions to cope with rising bills. So, you need to keep track of all your cash flow and set a monthly budget accordingly to limit debts and expenses.

  1. Favor savings

The sudden need for money can arise at any time and if you have extra funds left after paying all the bills and expenses, consider keeping them as emergency funds or transferring them to a backup bank account to reach. your other financial goals. However, a survey by Hargreaves Landsdown in September found that only 11% plan to keep their extra money in an emergency fund, while 40% are sticking with the giant of the streets with which they hold their checking account.

If you have extra money, you risk spending it on unnecessary purchases. You can also consider automating your savings as it saves time and doesn’t forget to save. There are various financial and banking apps that can make saving and withdrawing easier.

    There are various financial and banking apps that can make saving and withdrawing easier

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  1. Consider investing

People usually confuse saving and investing. Saving is all about keeping extra funds aside, while investing is about putting money into assets like mutual funds, bonds, and stocks in order to make the money grow. But before you make an investment, you need to consider your needs and goals. You can consider investing in various assets with different maturities depending on your short, medium and long term goals. You should also start saving or investing for your retirement.

  1. Boost your retirement savings

    Saving for retirement is one of the most crucial steps

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As you plan your finances, saving for retirement is one of the most crucial aspects. Regardless of your age, you should take steps to improve your financial well-being, consider maximizing your contribution to your retirement plans, and setting holistic retirement goals. Many experts recommend investing in a diversified portfolio of assets to mitigate risk with higher returns and consider investing in long-term assets and then sticking to them during good times and bad. .

Also read: How “Buy Now, Pay Later” Programs Can Create Serious Debt Problems

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Media and Entertainment Research Analyst was 69 – The Hollywood Reporter Sat, 08 Jan 2022 01:54:03 +0000

Larry Gerbrandt, a senior research analyst, valuation expert and consultant to media and entertainment companies, died in his sleep Thursday at his home in Aromas, Calif., A family spokesperson said. He was 69 years old.

Gerbrandt has worked for companies such as Paul Kagan’s Kagan World Media as a senior analyst and senior vice president in its entertainment division; AlixPartners, where he led his practice of entertainment consulting and litigation assistance; and Nielsen Analytics, for which he wrote studies on the future of on-demand content over broadband and wireless networks.

Most recently, he co-founded Media Valuation Partners, a personalized research, litigation support and valuation practice.

Gerbrandt also served as valuation expert for Disney in his Katzenberg vs. Disney case which was settled in 1999, and he has testified in tariff-setting proceedings involving performing rights organizations, Library of Congress copyright arbitration tribunals and disputes relating to distribution of FCC cable networks.

He wrote a column “Media Math” for Hollywood journalist before its relaunch as a weekly at the end of 2010 and was a member of the board of directors of the INSP cable network.

Survivors include his wife, Margo; children Ryan (and his wife, Leslie) and Lauren (and her husband, Ethan); and grandchildren Nathan, Anistyn, Grayson and Wyatt.

Razer is playing a dangerous game with his deceptive mask marketing Fri, 07 Jan 2022 19:08:40 +0000

Not all “N95” are the same.

Gaming PC maker Razer has plunged into the world of face shields during COVID, selling paper masks, cloth masks, and its stunt piece, the Razer Zephyr, a portable air purifier that glows with what it says to be “N95 grade filters”. At CES this week, it unveiled a new version, the Razer Zephyr Pro, which amplifies your voice behind the mask.

Following this announcement, my Twitter feed exploded in rage against the company’s “N95” claim. Naomi wu, an influencer in the 3D printing world, argued that having an “N95 quality filter” doesn’t make something an N95 mask. But most people will see that phrase as equivalent to “N95 mask,” regardless of how many fine print disclaimers Razer adds, she says.

“N95 grade filters with two-way protection,” says the Razer’s website.

In the United States, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) at the CDC certifies that N95 respirators “used in the workplace meet minimum standards of construction, performance and respiratory protection.” It also maintains a website of NIOSH approved N95 respirators listed by the manufacturer from A to Z. Razer products are not on the NIOSH list.

In its fine print, Razer acknowledges that the Razer Zephyr and Zephyr Pro “are not medical devices, respirators, surgical masks, or personal protective equipment (PPE) and are not intended for use in medical environments. or clinics “. It also states that although it has “adopted the standards” set out by NIOSH, it has not been certified by the agency.

Initial text

Razer clearly uses the meaning “N95” here.

When we reviewed the original Zephyr, Razer told us that it was working with a company called Intertek to perform testing for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) certification. It has also filed the Zephyr with the FDA, where it appears to seek approval as a “surgical ventilator”. We’ve reached out to Razer for details on this FDA filing and asked about the controversy surrounding its use of the term N95, but have yet to hear back. Wu says she filed a complaint with the CDC.

Much of the problem here is the delicate use of medical and legal terms that the layman cannot be expected to understand. For example, the designation between “adopting standards” and being certified by NIOSH.

On the last day, Razer appears to have added a section to its Zephyr product page comparing its goggle to other security solutions.

Mask comparisons

I have no way of testing the effectiveness of the masks, but the marketing contradictions make it fishy. It states that the Zephyr is not personal protective equipment (PPE), but at the top of its product page it states that the Zephyr uses “N95 grade replaceable filters for everyday protection.” So if the Zephyr is not PPE, why claim that this personal equipment offers protection? He feels dishonest. Ultimately, the warning below shows that this isn’t the protection that it intuitively appears to be. Unless the mask is properly certified, wearing it might as well be a Fallout cosplay.

Recommended by our editors

Third text

Are you confused by these two boxes? You should be.

I am picky here. Cloth masks with filters are useful, according to several studies, but not at N95 certified levels. I’m mainly carrying a set of failed and overused KF94s which are probably at this point more of a placebo effect than anything else.

But as my mentions have shown recently, a lot of people are concerned about using “N95” here, and Razer’s marketing seems outdated. He should stop using that term.

We will update this story if and when we hear from Razer.

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Drogheda president calls for end to gambling advertising Fri, 07 Jan 2022 08:39:11 +0000

Drogheda United chairman Conor Hoey has called for an end to all gambling advertising associated with Irish football.

The SSE Airtricity League Premier Division team have become the first Irish club to support a UK-based campaign called The Big Step which aims to end all forms of gambling sponsorship in sport.

Speaking on RTÉ Morning IrelandHoey said he was concerned about creating a “gambling epidemic” and that the Louth club’s decision is part of a larger effort.

“First of all, we are following the lead of our governing body, the FAI, which in recent years has turned down major gambling sponsorships for Ireland’s main national team,” he said. .

“We are following the lead there and following the lead of a number of other clubs in the league here in Ireland who are against game sponsorship and advertising in the league like St Patrick’s Athletic who in the Cup Final (FAI) had an ad going around the Aviva saying “Stop Gambling Harm”.

“So we’re not the only club trying to push this, but we really fear raising a generation of kids who think betting and football are synonymous and in doing so create a gambling epidemic.”

Hoey added that Drogheda wanted “to self-regulate here in Ireland and do it before the government even forces us.”

He explained that they had received “two approaches” last year from game companies interested in sponsoring the club.

“We turned them down both. And I know other clubs have received major jersey front-side sponsorship offers and turned them down as well,” he said.

“Some of us have to lead by example here and I think that’s a very good thing for the league itself for a lot of clubs and I think the majority of clubs are in our camp here to stand up and say, ‘Look, we want to do what’s here’.

“The League of Ireland is a wonderful community of clubs. She provides wonderful entertainment for families and people across the country and I think we generally have the right values ​​as a league and to stand up and say we should step down from sponsorship of games in sport is a good thing. . “

Hoey also added that Drogheda is considering ending his club’s lottery as part of a wider action against gambling advertising.

“We are meeting as a council next week to see if we need to end our lottery and all funds that have been raised from it should be put into a building fund for new facilities for our youth teams and our academy. .

“Trying to assimilate club lotteries across the country, where a few hundred pounds are raised, with gambling companies (and) international gambling companies often located in offshore locations and reporting billions of dollars at the expense of the people who lose … I don’t think you can equate the two. But it’s definitely something we’re looking at too. “

Listen to the RTÉ Soccer podcast on Apple podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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