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  • First of its kind, the platform creates a new category within the global marketing technology ecosystem

  • Regional and global brands have overtaken $ 400 million in the contribution to turnover over the last three years using the platform

SINGAPORE, June 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Perx Technologies, The SaaS Leader in Dynamic, Mobile Customer Engagement and Retention, today announced the launch of its category creation product – The Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform (Perx LMP). Traditional static loyalty and rewards programs no longer work in a rapidly changing digital economy. They are expensive to maintain and have become a drag affecting the bottom line of brands around the world. Customers today come in many forms. As the behavior of consumers and ecosystem partners changes rapidly, Perx believes the way brands engage them needs to be rethought. Perx’s LMP is uniquely designed to enable brands to move from a transitional and transactional situation to a meaningful relationship with their ecosystem through millions of customers and partners around the world.

Perx Launches World’s First Lifestyle Marketing Platform To Transform Mobile Customer Engagement First

Powered by hyper-personalization, advanced gamification and sophisticated rules engine Perx LMP capabilities boost a brand’s customer experience and loyalty strategy by synchronizing it with the daily lifestyle choices of its customers. The platform enables marketers and digital teams to drive and monetize customer actions and increase customer-brand touchpoints by reimagining the digital consumer journey.

There are three key market trends that require the introduction of a new category called Lifestyle Marketing in the Martech space. First, the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the need for businesses to go digital and mobile first. In 2020 with an average consumer spending nearly four hours a day on a smartphone, 332 million people came online for the first time around the world to bank, shop, gamble and order food.

Second, the rise of the mobile-driven instant gratification economy has made brands aware of the limitation of current marketing technology stacks to support the creation of unique “aha moments” in traditional digital customer journeys; from acquisition to last mile trade and, more importantly, every user action in between. With 73% of mobile phone users globally owning a smartphone, brands around the world are exploring how to innovate beyond their core business models to establish an ecosystem of “super-app like” services tailored to their customers on a loop. closed.

Finally, today almost all of the marketing technology platforms are designed primarily to generate vanity metrics such as eyeballs, clicks, and open rates, rather than contributing to revenue growth. business. The results are static, uninviting, and transient customer engagements that abruptly end with a text, email, or social media post.

But customer last mile travel is essential to any engagement strategy. The Perx Lifestyle marketing platform extends that last mile beyond the usual stopovers with interactive, gamified, and incentive engagements that inspire customers to complete the actions and transactions that the marketing and brand actually intended to take. drive. Perx also launched the Rewards Market which offers an elaborate and curated list of merchant rewards aligned with the digital consumer’s lifestyles. With just 3 clicks, brands can resist the trend of instant gratification by rewarding customers for their actions with personalized lifestyle rewards. Additionally, brands that want to build their own in-app mobile commerce store and create a new revenue stream can now do so without heavy investments or resource allocation.

Here is what Stephanie Kubota, CEO of RUSH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom, the largest telecommunications operator in The Philippines, said, “The Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform is one of the most advanced tools in our Marketing Toolbox. Everything is just a few clicks away, from slicing and dicing target characters to identifying and launching dynamic experiences that stimulate and trigger customer actions. In our recent run with Perx, we completed over a million customer actions, targeting a specific test segment, in just 100 days from the point of integration, and over 70% of these were actions that have contributed to the growth of brand sales. “

Commenting on the reasons why Starhub chose to implement the Perx Lifestyle marketing platform, Maneesh Verma, vice-president, customer lifecycle management, mentionned, “While there are many martech platforms we can choose from, we didn’t want to settle for any of the traditional platforms or the status quo. Unlike other solutions, the marketing platform Perx’s lifestyle model generates meaningful customer engagement and is designed to better engage digitally. The result is greater customer loyalty and real customer actions that contribute to revenue. “

Commenting on why hoolah chose the Perx Lifestyle marketing platform, Stuart thornton, CEO and co-founder, said, “As a digital native in the Buy Now Pay Later space, our goal is to provide flexibility to consumers in a constrained world and to do so responsibly. We have chosen the Perx Lifestyle marketing platform to create meaningful engagements in our hoolah ecosystem between consumers, partners and merchants. Perx LMP will help us increase the natural value of the hoolah platform by further driving customer acquisition and retention through personalization and dynamic in-app engagements that reward customers for every action they take.

Regarding the launch of the Perx Lifestyle marketing platform and the rewards marketplace, Anna gong, CEO and Founder of Perx Technologies, mentionned, “The Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform enables brands to lead with engagement and not loyalty, innovate beyond their core business models and create monetizable lifestyle ecosystems around their network. closed loop of consumers, partners and merchants. This approach not only enables brands on a global scale to better meet and resolve the lifestyle wants and needs of customers, but also creates a divide around of these customers by dramatically increasing brand touchpoints.With advanced gamification and campaign automation capabilities, hyper-personalized and instantly rewarding incentives, the platform has proven to be an effective catalyst for them. digital lifestyle ecosystems for businesses and digital natives. “

About Perx Technologies

Perx Technologies is a SaaS lifestyle marketing platform that creates categories and helps brands move from transitional transactional businesses to ongoing and meaningful engagements and experiences in the digital economy. Powering businesses and digital natives alike, the platform enables mobile-centric organizations to monetize their closed-loop ecosystem of consumers, partners and merchants, creating personalized, last-mile interactive digital experiences that generate feedback. on instant investment. For more information, please visit:

SOURCE Perx Technologies

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Trump’s fundraising arm returns to Facebook Mon, 21 Jun 2021 23:05:24 +0000

“After just a few months in office, it’s clear that Biden is nothing more than a failed career politician who has no idea what he’s doing. There is a CRISIS on our border, gas prices have skyrocketed and America is in decline! Please donate now to show President Trump what you REALLY think about Joe Biden, ”the ad read.

The ads link to Trump’s Save America fundraising page, which is operated by Republican digital advertising company WinRed.

The amount of money behind the ads is incredibly small as you spend it. But the use of the platform is what’s remarkable: Trump raises money on a massive social network that still sees him as persona non grata.

Facebook said on Monday that Trump’s status on its platforms was unchanged.

“President Trump is suspended from Facebook, so he can’t post at all,” company spokesman Andy Stone said in a statement. “Groups affiliated with the former president aren’t banned from posting on Facebook while they are. Don’t post in his voice.”

Earlier this month, Facebook announced it would suspend Trump from his platform for two years – until January 2023 – after which he would reassess whether he should be reinstated. Trump was initially banned from the site for posts that encouraged his supporters to revolt on Capitol Hill on Jan.6.

“In establishing the two-year penalty for serious violations, we felt that it should be long enough to allow a period of safety after the acts of incitement, significant enough to deter Mr. Trump and others from committing acts of incitement. such violations serious in the future, and proportionate to the seriousness of the violation itself, ”Facebook vice president of global affairs Nick Clegg said in a corporate blog post in June.

The recent Save America Joint Fundraising Committee spending on Facebook underscores that Trump’s Facebook suspension was just a picture and a voice, not an organization. Earlier this year, the site withdrew a video interview Lara Trump did with her stepfather on the grounds that he was essentially circumventing the ban by having his words posted through a cutout.

The Facebook page run by Save America – which posts under the username Team Trump – continued to post on Facebook after the Capitol Hill riots. But he hardly exhibited the kind of provocative behavior that got Trump himself fired. The last post was in March, wishing supporters a happy St. Patrick’s Day.

The new ads also suggest that Trump’s aides recognize the social media site’s usefulness for organizing and fundraising. The Trump campaign has relied heavily on Facebook to generate small dollar donations in addition to Trump connecting with his supporters via messages shared on his page.

Exiled from the site, Trump rose up against the social media company and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and hinted that he would not return to Facebook even if he was allowed to. “Next time I’m at the White House, there will be no more dinners, at his request, with Mark Zuckerberg and his wife. That will be all business! ”

Trump also called the ban an “insult to the record-breaking 75 million people, as well as many others, who voted for us in the 2020 rigged presidential election. They should not be allowed. get away with this censorship and silence, and ultimately we will win Our country can no longer endure this abuse!

Despite the ban, Trump still continued to have huge reach due to pro-Trump pages like Breitbart News and “President Donald Trump Fan Club,” according to a New York Times study.

With the report by Zach Montellaro

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Raiders’ Carl Nassib turns out to be gay in social media video Mon, 21 Jun 2021 22:49:47 +0000

(NEXSTAR) – Las Vegas Raiders defensive lineman Carl Nassib announced in a video on social media Monday that he was gay.

Nassib could become the first openly gay player in the league to play a regular season game. Former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam was revealed to be gay before being drafted by the St. Louis Rams in 2014, but he was not made the list. A handful of NFL players came out after retirement.

“What’s up folks,” Nassib said in an Instagram video he recorded at his home in West Chester, Pennsylvania. “I just wanted to take a moment to say I’m gay, I’ve wanted to do it for a while now, but I’m finally feeling comfortable enough to squeeze it out of my chest.”

Nassib, the 66th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and former player for the Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, played in college at Penn State.

“I really have the best life, I have the best family, the best friends and the best job a guy could ask for,” Nassib said. “I’m a pretty private person, so I hope you know I’m not doing this for attention. I just think representation and visibility are so important.

Nassib said he hoped that in the future similar videos of gay gamers would “simply not be necessary.”

“Until then, I will do my best and do my part to cultivate a culture that is accepting, that is compassionate.”

Nassib said he would donate $ 100,000 to The Trevor Project, a national organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ people under the age of 25.

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Free Webcasts This Week – Confidence in the Media and Restoring Confidence in Government Mon, 21 Jun 2021 18:42:00 +0000

Join us for these power group discussions

New York, June 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – From trust to dust: culture wars, tribalism, partisanship and the media

Free webcast: June 22 at 11 a.m. ET
Presented by the prophet

This event is organized by Aaron Kwittken, CEO and founder of Prophet. In an environment where disinformation, partisanship and forgery abound, the journalist’s role has shifted from observer / journalist to defender and revealer of the truth.
This roundtable will explore why and where these lines are drawn – and what the future will look like as the media strives to build trust.

In an environment where culture wars and partisan politics have sharply divided the way audiences engage with news and different forms of media, journalists are challenged not only to engage their audiences, but also to engage them. to adhere.
This roundtable will explore how trust – or a lack of trust – reshapes the role of the journalist, and what he can do about it.


  • Frank Sesno, founder of Planet Forward, author of Ask More, professor GWU

  • Eugenie Harvey, Director of DCI / Executive Producer, WNET

  • Edmond Lee, media reporter, The New York Times

Register now


Restoring Public Confidence in Government – Lessons from the Private Sector

Free webcast: June 24 at 6 p.m. ET
Presented by the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management

What are business leaders doing that government communicators can use to restore public trust? This roundtable will share strategic communication tips and tactics that can be useful within the government’s communication infrastructure. A key part of the conversation will be the steps necessary to rebuild trust. Topics for discussion include:

  • Businesses do a better job of messaging than government because they don’t “bow” to political interests.

  • What lessons can businesses share with government?

  • At the heart of this is the new corporate activism – companies must make a commitment to retain their employees and improve their reputation – financial performance and industry leadership are no longer enough.

  • Gen Z is looking for companies that speak up and walk the path of sustainability and social activism.

  • Can political leaders become trustworthy again?

The event will be moderated by Lawrence J. Parnell, MBA, an award-winning public relations professional and scholar who is an associate professor and director of the master’s program in strategic public relations at George Washington University.


Register now

CONTACT: Fay Shapiro

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The Importance of Digital Marketing Tools for Mainstream Brands and the Importance of Skill Improvement for Careers! Mon, 21 Jun 2021 05:23:22 +0000

The arrival of digital marketing has changed the way brands interact with consumers. The future of business is digital, and the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the market in a way that is expected to bring fortunes to the digital marketing industry through digitization.

“The Indian advertising industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.59% to reach Rs. 70,343cr by 2022,” suggests Dentsu in its 2021 digital report.

It also suggests that “the digital marketing industry is experiencing a boom and is expected to grow 27% in 2020 to cross the 17,000 crore mark. Indian internet users are expected to reach over 970 million users by 2025.”

This represents a great opportunity for those running businesses and those aspiring to a career in digital marketing.

The importance of having expertise in digital marketing tools can never be questioned as it helps connect, engage and retain customers online. Whether you are a novice or an expert, the constant upgrading of digital marketing skills and tools like SEO, SEM, SMM, etc., allow professionals to use technology to pursue their goals and establish a better concept between existing customers and potential users. !

Importance of digital marketing tools for businesses:

Small in operational size and new to the market, business owners may seek a competitive advantage. To gain a foothold in the market / industry, companies need to find different ways to stand out from the competition.

A great marketing strategy and access to the best digital marketing tools can go a long way. Whether it’s simplifying social media marketing efforts, project management, or finding freelancers, digital marketing tools help you gain the competitive edge you need to achieve your business goals.

Digital marketing skills expand to encompass broadcast media such as SMS, MMS, mobile apps, electronic / interactive signs, TV, radio, etc.

With an established importance of expertise in the use of digital marketing tools, a key question for aspirants is, “How would you like to learn from the best of digital marketers?” “

The best way to gain expertise in a wide variety of marketing tools by working on real projects and interacting with real clients is: “A PG Program in Digital Marketing!”

Explore and prepare for the future with Imarticus Learning:

Imarticus Learning’s PG in Digital Marketing program provides students with the opportunity to achieve industry-recognized certification through hands-on experience. The curriculum of the program is best suited to both new graduates and alumni and professionals with industry experience.

Imarticus Learning’s PG in Digital Marketing program is the perfect way to gain expertise in digital marketing tools. With years of digital learning experience and training, Imarticus Learning has helped aspirants learn and explore digital marketing opportunities with the best market leaders.

The program is designed to give students extensive and detailed coverage of digital marketing concepts through live projects and instructor-led discussions. The collaborative approach to programs focuses on key projects, out-of-the-box skills and guaranteed internships.

The program helps you become a digital marketer with hands-on experience and in-depth diving into all facets of digital marketing including search, social media, content, performance, emails, analytics , ORM, and media buying and planning.

If you are in doubt about the benefits of the PG program in digital marketing, here are a few in brief:

● Acquire the ability to analyze data and learn lessons.

● Master the expertise on tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Managers, etc.

● Acquire organizational and project management skills.

● Developed knowledge and appreciation of automation.

● Develop advanced knowledge on social media and learn an analytics strategy to measure which campaigns are driving traffic and orders.

Imarticus Learning believes in the fact that; the digital marketers of tomorrow are lifelong learners. With this in mind, the PG for Digital Marketing program is a one-stop-shop for those looking for a rapid boost in their skills for a career in digital.

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Usain Bolt has twins, their names are storming social media Mon, 21 Jun 2021 04:41:52 +0000

All-time great Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt and partner Kasi Bennett announced the birth of twins on Sunday, who have been named Thunder Bolt and Saint Leo Bolt. Bolt revealed the news on social media with a family photo for Father’s Day, showing a flash emoji next to each of his children’s names in the caption, without specifying when the twins were born. Bennett also posted a photo of the couple posing with the twins and daughter Olympia Lightning Bolt captioned: “Happy Father’s Day to my lifelong sweetheart! @Usainbolt You are the rock of this family and the biggest daddy of our little ones . We love you endless world! “

Olympia Lightning was born in May 2020 but the name was not announced until two months later.

Twitter went into a frenzy after Bolt posted the family photo.

Bolt, 34, who won eight gold medals at the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Games, will not compete in the Tokyo Olympics delayed by Covid next month after retiring in 2017.

The fastest man in history, Bolt holds the world records in the 100 meters and 200 meters. He is the only sprinter to have won the 100m and 200m doubles at three consecutive Olympics.


Bolt, who won 23 major championship golds in a stellar career, tried to turn to professional football after his track career ended but failed to secure a contract and retired from all sports in 2019.

“It was a good experience. I really enjoyed being on a team and it was very different from athletics and it was fun as long as it lasted,” he said at the time.

Topics mentioned in this article

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Outdoor advertising – why is it worth choosing? | Jaworzno – Social portal Mon, 21 Jun 2021 00:05:17 +0000


Online business predominantly dominates advertising these days. However, that doesn’t mean that you can forget about its other forms, those of the real world. On the contrary, it should be estimated and prepared in the same way as online advertising. Find out why you should choose outbound marketing and what solutions to use.

What is external advertising?

As the name suggests, outdoor advertisements are placed in the outside world around us. This is the type of marketing that we come across most often because we can’t really skip it. Our eyes slide over it when we go out every day: whether it’s a large billboard, a small billboard, or a screen placed somewhere in the city.

Its advantage is that it fits perfectly into the urban space and fits into the landscape where desired. Plus, it can take many forms, from still drawings to beautiful recordings projected on city screens. Thanks to this richness of forms and diversity, it affects more people.

Always there when we need it most

Outdoor ads are non-invasive, constantly popping up next to them and grabbing attention when we need it most, such as waiting for a bus at a train station or in a traffic jam. Hence, you can gain a lot more customers through online advertising. The latter is bypassed or blocked by many people. In addition, consumers often find them intrusive, unnecessary and annoying.

External advertisements are not considered as such. All this because it helps to diversify the urban space and attract attention and entertainment where we want to diversify. As a result, it elicits positive associations, and repeating it multiple times, for example on a daily commute to work, means recipients remember it better.

long distances

Another indisputable advantage of outdoor advertising is its vast ranges, which far exceed those that can be seen in traditional or online advertising. Large billboards, small billboards, posters or LCD screens – all fit together and together affect thousands of recipients. This effect cannot be achieved in any other way, as it is not possible to completely remove external advertisements. It’s striking and has an unconscious effect, which most people remember better than any other advertisement.

Do you want to know the possibilities offered by marketing in urban space? if so, advertising agency Poznan I have prepared a wide offer for you, through which you can familiarize yourself with the advantages of outdoor advertising and decide to invest in this type of marketing.

– Publicity –

external links

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Media Alert: Intel Event at Mobile World Congress | Business and finance Sun, 20 Jun 2021 10:32:06 +0000

SANTA CLARA, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – June 20, 2021–

Intel’s Edge of Wonderful virtual event will examine Intel’s foundational role in unlocking the possibilities of 5G, expanding the advantage and enabling the artificial intelligence (AI) of tomorrow, ushering in a new era of innovation.

Dan Rodriguez, Vice President of Intel, will describe how the transformation of the network and the rise of the smart edge are having a profound impact on reshaping industries, improving business operations and delivering new or better. Alongside it, leading communications service providers and various edge partners will share their collaboration with Intel to take full advantage of what Intel sees as the four technology superpowers: the cloud, connectivity powered by 5G, AI and the smart edge.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, will highlight the digitization of our economy and the technological shifts impacting our lives; Navin Shenoy, Executive Vice President, will highlight Intel’s role in partnering with industry to deliver on the promises of a connected world.

When: 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. PDT, Monday, June 21, 2021

Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) is an industry leader, creating revolutionary technology that enables global progress and enriches lives. Inspired by Moore’s Law, we continually work to advance semiconductor design and manufacture to help meet our customers’ greatest challenges. By integrating intelligence across the cloud, network, edge, and all types of computing devices, we unleash the potential of data to transform business and society for the better. To learn more about Intel’s innovations, visit and

© Intel Corporation. Intel, the Intel logo, and other Intel marks are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.



SOURCE: Intel Corporation

Copyright Business Wire 2021.

PUB: 06/20/2021 6:31 a.m. / DISC: 06/20/2021 6:32 a.m.

Copyright Business Wire 2021.

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LeBron James and Anthony Davis spark business rumors about Russell Westbrook after latest social media activity Sun, 20 Jun 2021 02:53:12 +0000

Los Angeles Lakers stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ latest social media activity sparks commercial rumors about Russell Westbrook.

It appears that James and Davis have recently started following Westbrook’s wife.

Acquiring the All-Star point guard would likely improve the Lakers’ roster. A Big 3 of James, Davis and Westbrook could also turn out to be one of the greatest NBA lines in league history.

Such an addition could also provide insurance for Los Angeles in the event injury bugs hit the team again next season.

James and Davis’ injuries took their toll on the Lakers last season. They were eliminated in the first round after James was not in full health throughout the series and Davis failed to complete the series.

However, negotiating for Westbrook could be a difficult task for the Lakers. Not only are they currently capped, it’s also unclear whether the front office can craft a trade package that might attract the Washington Wizards.

The Wizards could also be looking to return with a full season from Westbrook and Bradley Beal.

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New Chinese brands shine at “6.18” e-commerce marketing event Sat, 19 Jun 2021 23:34:42 +0000

New domestic startups selected foreign and local brands from hundreds of categories at this month’s “6.18” e-commerce marketing event, according to data from a major e-commerce platform.

A total of 459 brands that have been in the market for less than three years gained sales in their segments on in the first 15 days of June, according to the e-commerce platform, which is owned by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

Promotion 6.18 focuses on June 18 but typically runs for weeks. Many of this year’s top performers have come from domestic startups targeting the changing tastes of young Chinese consumers, including those who make life easier.

One category cited by the platform was sweeping robots, where Guangdong-based Narwal Intelligence Technology (Dongguan) Co. Ltd., founded two years ago, beat out former US company iRobot Corp. in the first place.

Ecovacs Robotics Co. Ltd. (603486.SH), a maker of robotic floor and window cleaners, has overtaken sales of floor cleaners that can sweep, mop, and sanitize, making them popular during the pandemic.

“We believe that domestic and foreign brands are on a relatively equal competitive footing, as most new consumer trends have been driven by domestic culture rather than foreign cultural inputs,” said He Peibin, analyst. at Ping An Securities Co. Ltd. , in a Wednesday report.

He predicted that emerging industries – especially cosmetics, medical beauty, new snacks and beverages – will maintain rapid growth.

China’s new youth-focused brands have proven to be attractive to private equity investors. In April, Yuan Qi Sen Lin (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co. Ltd., a company that produces sugar-free soda that is very popular among teens and young adults, announced that it had entered into a new round of funding that valued the company at around $ 6 billion.

This year, did not disclose its overall sales and orders related to 6.18, which evolved from the June 18 anniversary of Alibaba rival Inc., but has since become a cross-platform marketing event. said its own trading volume topped 305.6 billion yuan ($ 47.4 billion) from June 1 to June 18 at 2 p.m., up 13.5 percent year-on-year. ‘other.

The business event was a beacon of hope amid weaker overall consumer spending that held back China’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. In May, retail sales nationwide grew 12.4% year-on-year, short of the 14% target predicted by economists in a Bloomberg survey.

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