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This photo shows the logos of the mobile phone apps for, from left to right, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp in New York on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. The six-hour blackout was a headache for many casual users but fine. more serious for the millions of people around the world who depend on social media sites to run their businesses or communicate with parents, fellow parents, teachers or neighbors. (AP Photo / Richard Drew)

Richard drew


How about a few odds and ends today?

The other night I saw 45,000 people in the stands at a baseball game and I didn’t see a fan wearing a mask. Many were children and all were crammed together with the stadium almost at full capacity.

Meanwhile, children are forced to wear masks in a classroom with 30 other students.

It is not that I am against masks to protect us from COVID, but rather that I mark the inconsistency in how we are responding in this pandemic.

Something to think about.

The houses are selling like hot cakes. How fast are the properties spinning?

Well, a real estate agent has indicated that if your husband / wife doesn’t like the house you want to buy, you might want to find another spouse. It’s easier to find another spouse these days than it is to find another home, according to the agent.

We recently had National Girls’ Day, followed by National Sons Day.

First of all, why should girls come first? We are in 2021. Do you remember the liberation of women and all that? The only excuse I can find is that the D in girls precedes the S in sons, so I’ll skip that point.

We also have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day (which comes after Mother’s Day although F precedes M in the alphabet. Can you say sexism?), Cousins ​​Day, Grandparents Day and the feast of the brothers and sisters.

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