Cops are monitoring social media posts for Museum of Modern Art stabbing suspect Gary Cabana

NEW YORK — The Museum of Modern Art remains closed on Monday as police continue to search for the disgruntled boss who stabbed two MoMA employees during the weekend.

The incident rocked the arts and culture community in New York City and beyond, CBS2’s John Dias reported.

NYPD officers stood guard outside MoMA, which was only open to employees on Monday, after Violent incident on Saturday afternoon.

Surveillance video shows a man, identified by police as 60-year-old Gary Cabana, jumped out from behind reception and rushed towards workers. He stabbed two people, a man and a woman, both aged 24, as dozens of others ran for cover.

While police search for Cabana, they are also monitoring an active Facebook account that appears to belong to him. A post from the account on Sunday called the MoMA stabbing a “executive job” and said “words are sharper than knives. Bipolar is a hard road to walk.”

The post also read, “It wasn’t SCREAM 6 at MoMA, it was poke poke poke, wake-up call.”

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Cops scan social media posts for MoMA stabbing suspect


“[He’s] generally calm. You would never expect such a thing,” said Tom Donolin, one of Cabana’s neighbors.

The Cabana apartment building is a 10-minute walk from the museum.

“He loves books and he was in the theater,” neighbor Nancy Mako said. “Obviously he loves MoMA, but that relationship is gone.”

Mako, who said she had lived in the building for 20 years, told CBS2 she was “surprised” when she saw photos of the suspect and realized it could be of Cabana.

Cabana, a regular at the museum, was denied access to watch a film and his membership was revoked due to two previous incidents of disorderly conduct, police say.

“To lose him like this, something inside had to build,” one man said.

Neighbors fear Cabana will return and cause more damage.

“It’s terrible, it’s scary. He could stab someone in the building who lives here,” Jesse Vann said.

“He’s not a monster. He’s a troubled soul who needs help,” a friend of Cabana told CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon.

Cabana’s friend, who wished to remain anonymous, said they attended Missouri State University together. Cabana, who studied acting, previously worked as an usher on Broadway, according to his friend.

“A goofy, weird sense of humor,” Cabana’s friend said. “I was stunned. It was kinda messed up, I mean I didn’t fall asleep last night because of the whole thing. It was shocking to me.”

“Mental health is not taken care of in this country, as it should be, and I think it is a systemic problem and unfortunately Gary is a victim of it,” she added.

The stabbing victims are said to be in stable condition in hospital and expected to recover.

MoMA said it plans to reopen on Tuesday.

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