Clive Palmer’s UAP splurges on political advertising

The United Australian Party, led by Clive Palmer, has spent more than $3 million on its campaign this month alone, an amount that dwarfs its competitors’ investments in the electoral race.

According to data collected by Nielsen Ad Intel, the admittedly impressive amount was spent on advertising across all digital and physical platforms. This includes online, radio, television and publications such as newspapers and magazines.

However, the Nielsen data does not include any billboard advertising, in which UAP has also invested heavily.

Comparatively, the Liberals gave just over $100,000, with Labor making a larger investment of around $470,000, still a far cry from what Palmer paid.

UAP ads have been featured prominently on most Australian networks such as Nine, Seven and Ten, while they have also been seen on several publications – and their online versions – such as The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald and age.

Investing heavily in pre-election campaigns appears to be policy for UAP, as they took a similar approach in the 2019 election, with Palmer’s Mineralogy company donating over $83 million to the cause, which remains a record amount to date.

Speaking to the National Press Club last Thursday, the Queensland billionaire essentially confirmed he would follow the same path, predicting he would spend an additional $40million on his party’s advertising campaign, taking the total to $70million of dollars.

This may be less than was spent in previous elections, but still an amount seven times greater than what its two main competitors, the Liberal and Labor parties, gave for their respective campaigns (around 10 million dollars each).

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