City of Clarence sues lender and agent for zombie house | Local News

“In these very difficult times, it is essential that banks and managers are held accountable and that our neighborhoods are preserved,” Kearns said Friday.

The 2,812 square foot Clarence property has been in foreclosure since 2012, although it was only abandoned two years ago. Since then, according to the city, electricity and gas services have been cut, the basement flooded, windows have been smashed, the garage has collapsed, animals have entered and the foundation has been damaged.

The ZOMBIES initiative and the Law Center were made aware of the issues in the fall of 2019, after Clarence Code Enforcement Officer David Albert informed them. The Legal Center filed a complaint with the state’s Department of Financial Services in October last year, sparking conversations with the former mortgage manager, who then handed the service over to Mr Cooper – the name Nationstar Mortgage commercial – in December 2019.

The Legal Center has sent “many letters” to Mr. Cooper calling for compliance with the law, but “they have not made a significant effort to do so,” according to the ZOMBIES Initiative. Meanwhile, the loan was added in May 2020 to a Wall Street investment security administered by the U.S. bank.

“The goal of the ZOMBIES Initiative for every property we come across is to protect our communities,” said Kate Lockhart, director of the vacant and abandoned properties program at the Western New York Law Center. “The Town of Clarence has provided Mr. Cooper with numerous opportunities to bring this property into compliance. This lawsuit is the result of months of negligence on the part of Mr. Cooper and our goal is to ensure that this property is dealt with and that Mr. Cooper pays fines for their failure to comply with state law. New York.

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