Christian show ‘The Chosen’ faces backlash for display marketing ploy

Advertisers want nothing more than to generate attention, and Angel Studios may have gotten what they were aiming for this week.

On Tuesday, a billboard in San Antonio and others across the country promoting “The Chosen” were defaced in an apparent attempt to market the multi-series show about Christ.

In case you missed it: ‘Manipulator’: San Antonio’s ‘The Chosen’ billboard defaced for apparent marketing ploy

The show posted photos of several of the vandalized billboards on its Facebook page. And it outraged a mix of people on social media, but for drastically different reasons.

The majority of commenters on social media appeared to take vandalism seriously and blamed everyone from Starbucks to “Democrat Satanists” for defacing billboards, which originally encouraged people to ” gorging on Jesus”.

On Tuesday, billboards in San Antonio and across the country promoting “The Chosen” were defaced in an apparent attempt to market the first multi-series show about Christ. It left a mix of people on social media outraged – but for drastically different reasons.

Monte Bach / Express-News

Others felt the advertisers had gone too far, suggesting they were trying to manipulate people emotionally.

“The Chosen,” which stars Jonathan Roumie as Jesus, is produced by Utah-based Angel Studios. The studio has raised over $11 million to bring the series to life.

The studio and its spokesperson, Michael Conrad, did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The San Antonio billboard on Interstate 10 near downtown is one of more than a dozen similar billboards across the country. A handful of them were defaced with a scribbled graffiti message urging people to visit a mysterious website that vaguely promised to “reveal answers” at 3:33 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday.

At the time, a parody video of the devil and a group of students in a classroom, mocking the show and Christianity, was uploaded to the website.

“The Chosen” director Dallas Jenkins on the set of the show. Angel Studios, the production company, promised to reveal the story behind a marketing attempt on Wednesday.

Courtesy of Angel Studios

On Wednesday morning, at least 12 hours after the campaign aired, the company responded in a Facebook comment to one of its posts.

“As you may have heard, these billboards are part of a larger marketing campaign launched yesterday,” the company said in the comments section.

Dallas Jenkins, the show’s director, should explain what’s behind the campaign. Jenkins is the son of “Left Behind” author Jerry Jenkins.

Still, a host of people on social media felt “hurt” by the promotional hit. Many even sought to blame others or seek some sort of revenge.

One person tagged Jenkins and thanked him for “staying so strong and steadfast in this evil and corrupt society.” She also thanked him for “doing the work of God.”

It seems that many have been duped.

One person said, “Did I just fall for the biggest marketing ploy ever?”

Another added: “It makes me sad. Seems deceptive and manipulative. I really like ‘The Chosen’ so it hurts.

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