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  • First of its kind, the platform creates a new category within the global marketing technology ecosystem

  • Regional and global brands have overtaken $ 400 million in the contribution to turnover over the last three years using the platform

SINGAPORE, June 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Perx Technologies, The SaaS Leader in Dynamic, Mobile Customer Engagement and Retention, today announced the launch of its category creation product – The Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform (Perx LMP). Traditional static loyalty and rewards programs no longer work in a rapidly changing digital economy. They are expensive to maintain and have become a drag affecting the bottom line of brands around the world. Customers today come in many forms. As the behavior of consumers and ecosystem partners changes rapidly, Perx believes the way brands engage them needs to be rethought. Perx’s LMP is uniquely designed to enable brands to move from a transitional and transactional situation to a meaningful relationship with their ecosystem through millions of customers and partners around the world.

Perx Launches World’s First Lifestyle Marketing Platform To Transform Mobile Customer Engagement First

Powered by hyper-personalization, advanced gamification and sophisticated rules engine Perx LMP capabilities boost a brand’s customer experience and loyalty strategy by synchronizing it with the daily lifestyle choices of its customers. The platform enables marketers and digital teams to drive and monetize customer actions and increase customer-brand touchpoints by reimagining the digital consumer journey.

There are three key market trends that require the introduction of a new category called Lifestyle Marketing in the Martech space. First, the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the need for businesses to go digital and mobile first. In 2020 with an average consumer spending nearly four hours a day on a smartphone, 332 million people came online for the first time around the world to bank, shop, gamble and order food.

Second, the rise of the mobile-driven instant gratification economy has made brands aware of the limitation of current marketing technology stacks to support the creation of unique “aha moments” in traditional digital customer journeys; from acquisition to last mile trade and, more importantly, every user action in between. With 73% of mobile phone users globally owning a smartphone, brands around the world are exploring how to innovate beyond their core business models to establish an ecosystem of “super-app like” services tailored to their customers on a loop. closed.

Finally, today almost all of the marketing technology platforms are designed primarily to generate vanity metrics such as eyeballs, clicks, and open rates, rather than contributing to revenue growth. business. The results are static, uninviting, and transient customer engagements that abruptly end with a text, email, or social media post.

But customer last mile travel is essential to any engagement strategy. The Perx Lifestyle marketing platform extends that last mile beyond the usual stopovers with interactive, gamified, and incentive engagements that inspire customers to complete the actions and transactions that the marketing and brand actually intended to take. drive. Perx also launched the Rewards Market which offers an elaborate and curated list of merchant rewards aligned with the digital consumer’s lifestyles. With just 3 clicks, brands can resist the trend of instant gratification by rewarding customers for their actions with personalized lifestyle rewards. Additionally, brands that want to build their own in-app mobile commerce store and create a new revenue stream can now do so without heavy investments or resource allocation.

Here is what Stephanie Kubota, CEO of RUSH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom, the largest telecommunications operator in The Philippines, said, “The Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform is one of the most advanced tools in our Marketing Toolbox. Everything is just a few clicks away, from slicing and dicing target characters to identifying and launching dynamic experiences that stimulate and trigger customer actions. In our recent run with Perx, we completed over a million customer actions, targeting a specific test segment, in just 100 days from the point of integration, and over 70% of these were actions that have contributed to the growth of brand sales. “

Commenting on the reasons why Starhub chose to implement the Perx Lifestyle marketing platform, Maneesh Verma, vice-president, customer lifecycle management, mentionned, “While there are many martech platforms we can choose from, we didn’t want to settle for any of the traditional platforms or the status quo. Unlike other solutions, the marketing platform Perx’s lifestyle model generates meaningful customer engagement and is designed to better engage digitally. The result is greater customer loyalty and real customer actions that contribute to revenue. “

Commenting on why hoolah chose the Perx Lifestyle marketing platform, Stuart thornton, CEO and co-founder, said, “As a digital native in the Buy Now Pay Later space, our goal is to provide flexibility to consumers in a constrained world and to do so responsibly. We have chosen the Perx Lifestyle marketing platform to create meaningful engagements in our hoolah ecosystem between consumers, partners and merchants. Perx LMP will help us increase the natural value of the hoolah platform by further driving customer acquisition and retention through personalization and dynamic in-app engagements that reward customers for every action they take.

Regarding the launch of the Perx Lifestyle marketing platform and the rewards marketplace, Anna gong, CEO and Founder of Perx Technologies, mentionned, “The Perx Lifestyle Marketing Platform enables brands to lead with engagement and not loyalty, innovate beyond their core business models and create monetizable lifestyle ecosystems around their network. closed loop of consumers, partners and merchants. This approach not only enables brands on a global scale to better meet and resolve the lifestyle wants and needs of customers, but also creates a divide around of these customers by dramatically increasing brand touchpoints.With advanced gamification and campaign automation capabilities, hyper-personalized and instantly rewarding incentives, the platform has proven to be an effective catalyst for them. digital lifestyle ecosystems for businesses and digital natives. “

About Perx Technologies

Perx Technologies is a SaaS lifestyle marketing platform that creates categories and helps brands move from transitional transactional businesses to ongoing and meaningful engagements and experiences in the digital economy. Powering businesses and digital natives alike, the platform enables mobile-centric organizations to monetize their closed-loop ecosystem of consumers, partners and merchants, creating personalized, last-mile interactive digital experiences that generate feedback. on instant investment. For more information, please visit:

SOURCE Perx Technologies

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The Importance of Digital Marketing Tools for Mainstream Brands and the Importance of Skill Improvement for Careers! Mon, 21 Jun 2021 05:23:22 +0000

The arrival of digital marketing has changed the way brands interact with consumers. The future of business is digital, and the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the market in a way that is expected to bring fortunes to the digital marketing industry through digitization.

“The Indian advertising industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.59% to reach Rs. 70,343cr by 2022,” suggests Dentsu in its 2021 digital report.

It also suggests that “the digital marketing industry is experiencing a boom and is expected to grow 27% in 2020 to cross the 17,000 crore mark. Indian internet users are expected to reach over 970 million users by 2025.”

This represents a great opportunity for those running businesses and those aspiring to a career in digital marketing.

The importance of having expertise in digital marketing tools can never be questioned as it helps connect, engage and retain customers online. Whether you are a novice or an expert, the constant upgrading of digital marketing skills and tools like SEO, SEM, SMM, etc., allow professionals to use technology to pursue their goals and establish a better concept between existing customers and potential users. !

Importance of digital marketing tools for businesses:

Small in operational size and new to the market, business owners may seek a competitive advantage. To gain a foothold in the market / industry, companies need to find different ways to stand out from the competition.

A great marketing strategy and access to the best digital marketing tools can go a long way. Whether it’s simplifying social media marketing efforts, project management, or finding freelancers, digital marketing tools help you gain the competitive edge you need to achieve your business goals.

Digital marketing skills expand to encompass broadcast media such as SMS, MMS, mobile apps, electronic / interactive signs, TV, radio, etc.

With an established importance of expertise in the use of digital marketing tools, a key question for aspirants is, “How would you like to learn from the best of digital marketers?” “

The best way to gain expertise in a wide variety of marketing tools by working on real projects and interacting with real clients is: “A PG Program in Digital Marketing!”

Explore and prepare for the future with Imarticus Learning:

Imarticus Learning’s PG in Digital Marketing program provides students with the opportunity to achieve industry-recognized certification through hands-on experience. The curriculum of the program is best suited to both new graduates and alumni and professionals with industry experience.

Imarticus Learning’s PG in Digital Marketing program is the perfect way to gain expertise in digital marketing tools. With years of digital learning experience and training, Imarticus Learning has helped aspirants learn and explore digital marketing opportunities with the best market leaders.

The program is designed to give students extensive and detailed coverage of digital marketing concepts through live projects and instructor-led discussions. The collaborative approach to programs focuses on key projects, out-of-the-box skills and guaranteed internships.

The program helps you become a digital marketer with hands-on experience and in-depth diving into all facets of digital marketing including search, social media, content, performance, emails, analytics , ORM, and media buying and planning.

If you are in doubt about the benefits of the PG program in digital marketing, here are a few in brief:

● Acquire the ability to analyze data and learn lessons.

● Master the expertise on tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Managers, etc.

● Acquire organizational and project management skills.

● Developed knowledge and appreciation of automation.

● Develop advanced knowledge on social media and learn an analytics strategy to measure which campaigns are driving traffic and orders.

Imarticus Learning believes in the fact that; the digital marketers of tomorrow are lifelong learners. With this in mind, the PG for Digital Marketing program is a one-stop-shop for those looking for a rapid boost in their skills for a career in digital.

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New Chinese brands shine at “6.18” e-commerce marketing event Sat, 19 Jun 2021 23:34:42 +0000

New domestic startups selected foreign and local brands from hundreds of categories at this month’s “6.18” e-commerce marketing event, according to data from a major e-commerce platform.

A total of 459 brands that have been in the market for less than three years gained sales in their segments on in the first 15 days of June, according to the e-commerce platform, which is owned by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

Promotion 6.18 focuses on June 18 but typically runs for weeks. Many of this year’s top performers have come from domestic startups targeting the changing tastes of young Chinese consumers, including those who make life easier.

One category cited by the platform was sweeping robots, where Guangdong-based Narwal Intelligence Technology (Dongguan) Co. Ltd., founded two years ago, beat out former US company iRobot Corp. in the first place.

Ecovacs Robotics Co. Ltd. (603486.SH), a maker of robotic floor and window cleaners, has overtaken sales of floor cleaners that can sweep, mop, and sanitize, making them popular during the pandemic.

“We believe that domestic and foreign brands are on a relatively equal competitive footing, as most new consumer trends have been driven by domestic culture rather than foreign cultural inputs,” said He Peibin, analyst. at Ping An Securities Co. Ltd. , in a Wednesday report.

He predicted that emerging industries – especially cosmetics, medical beauty, new snacks and beverages – will maintain rapid growth.

China’s new youth-focused brands have proven to be attractive to private equity investors. In April, Yuan Qi Sen Lin (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co. Ltd., a company that produces sugar-free soda that is very popular among teens and young adults, announced that it had entered into a new round of funding that valued the company at around $ 6 billion.

This year, did not disclose its overall sales and orders related to 6.18, which evolved from the June 18 anniversary of Alibaba rival Inc., but has since become a cross-platform marketing event. said its own trading volume topped 305.6 billion yuan ($ 47.4 billion) from June 1 to June 18 at 2 p.m., up 13.5 percent year-on-year. ‘other.

The business event was a beacon of hope amid weaker overall consumer spending that held back China’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. In May, retail sales nationwide grew 12.4% year-on-year, short of the 14% target predicted by economists in a Bloomberg survey.

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Prince took inspiration from the marketing of “Willy Wonka” Sat, 19 Jun 2021 00:53:34 +0000

Famous musicians of the 1980s and 1990s are often credited with inspiring many modern stars. Their styles, stage presence and musical innovations can still be seen on stage and heard on the radio. Prince, a famous rock and funk singer, transformed the music scene and paved the way for many other game-changing artists.

Yet even the most talented and creative celebrities need a little inspiration every now and then. With his love of extravagant clothes and supernatural sounds, it’s no surprise that Prince turned to the whimsical world of Willy Wonka when marketing his 3121 album.

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Fast food industry predatory marketing openly targets black and Latin youth Thu, 17 Jun 2021 20:37:27 +0000

There is shocking new research on how far fast food companies will go to reach their target audiences. Data from the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut just revealed just how racist brand marketing techniques can be. As part of the drastic increase in spending that the fast food industry has funneled into advertising sales and marketing – roughly $ 5 billion in 2019 – much of the change is spent on targeting black and Latinx youth. . And this is a demographic that is at higher risk for obesity, as well as other diet-related illnesses.

Although the researchers did not name names, they looked at Nielsen data from 2019, which revealed “advertising exposure from 274 fast food restaurants, including detailed analyzes of the top 27 fast food advertisers with spend highest annual advertising and / or television advertising targeted to children, Hispanic and / or black consumers. ”

We all know and accept that marketing departments are trained to target specific groups of people, but this is yet another example of how advertisements are used to manipulate and tarnish the well-being of already vulnerable populations. This type of advertising can be compared to the bad tobacco companies that we love to hate.

Worse yet, there is evidence that these “disparities in racial and ethnic targeted advertising” are increasing. According to an Eurekalert report on research, TV shows targeting both black and Spanish-speaking households are more likely to feature advertisements on “a low-cost, high-value menu items and meal offerings.” restaurant ”.

In other words, these ads for cheeseburgers and fried foods are intentionally incorporated into programs that advertisers know black and brown kids will watch. This is particularly damaging, given that many communities to which these young people belong have less access to health care and transport.

Since 2012, these predatory marketing practices for Spanish-language television have increased by around 33 percent, and black youth have been shown to watch 75 percent more fast food-related ads than their white counterparts. , despite a general decline in television viewing among young people.

And it is clearly effective. Young people read these ads and are encouraged to buy foods high in sodium, fat and sugar. Look, fast food is delicious and we’re not putting the body to shame here, but forcing an imbalanced diet (disproportionately!) On young people of color is clearly unethical.

So now that the data is out, what do we do about it? The researchers gave their recommendations to fast food outlets on how to limit and adjust their marketing techniques, as well as suggest restricting “advertising to children up to at least 14 years old, discontinuing advertising for children up to and including Regular menu items on children’s TV channels and finish at a disproportionate level. marketing to Hispanic and black youth, ”according to Eurekalert. Let’s see if anyone pays attention.

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Insurtech Firm Integrity Marketing Group Bucks Trend Suburban, Moves to Downtown Dallas »Dallas Innovates Thu, 17 Jun 2021 00:22:30 +0000

Integrity Marketing Group has been innovating in insurance since 2006, when it was a startup in its CEO’s home in Highland Village. Now he’s going against the suburban office trend by moving hundreds of Coppell employees to downtown Dallas. Its six floors in IM Pei’s iconic Fountain Place tower make the company one of the biggest recent additions to downtown. The growing company plans to continue expanding its “vertical campus” floor by floor for years to come.

Integrity has grown aggressively recently, primarily from acquisitions, from 1,700 to 5,500 employees since the start of 2021. The company made 40 acquisitions in 2020 alone. of America’s largest independent distributors of life and health insurance products, Integrity works with more than 370,000 agents nationwide and plans to help insurance companies achieve more than $ 7 billion in new sales in 2021 .

Integrity has already occupied three floors of the renovated Fountain Place. When the company’s other three floors are ready next spring, a total of 300 to 400 employees will have moved from Cypress Waters in Coppell to its new “shared service center” downtown.

Bryan Adams, co-founder and CEO of Integrity, spoke to Dallas Innovates about his company’s move, why he’s “getting big” with the office, and the next step in insurtech. (And since everyone’s asking, no, Adams isn’t related to the rock star or the East Dallas high school namesake.)

Choose a “rocket”

Integrity had to move. He had grown so fast – over 100% in 2020, and set to do so again in 2021 – that his Cypress Waters campus no longer matched. The company searched “all over the Metroplex” for options, but kept coming back to downtown Dallas and a building that looked like its home.

“We think of ourselves as a rocket ready to take off,” Adams told us, “and this building looks a bit like a rocket too.”

IM Pei’s 58-story Modernist Fountain Place Tower – one of five downtown Dallas buildings by the architect, including Dallas City Hall – indeed stands above the Ross avenue with intense verticality.

Other incentives: a $ 75 million renovation of Fountain Place by its owner, Goddard Investment Group; new equipment to attract employees; have all the infrastructure and systems in place; and the fact that the building has one of the lowest occupancy rates in the city center, which helped make the move “quite economically attractive”.

Steven Sigrist, chief financial officer of Integrity, says the talent pool near the city center was another deciding factor. “Having our head office in the heart of where highly talented experts live, work and play will be a differentiator for us to recruit and retain the best and brightest talent,” he said. stated in a press release.

“The move comes at a time when many companies are assessing the needs and wants of their employees and their business plan,” said Quito Anderson, CIO of Goddard, in the statement. “This flagship initiative further strengthens the understanding that the downtown arts district is a very special place to work. You cannot replicate a building or environment like this in today’s world, let alone in the suburbs.

Josh White and Ryan Buchanan of CBRE represented Integrity in the lease transaction; Fletcher Cordell, Dennis Barnes and Jackie Marshall of CBRE represented Goddard.

Integrity Marketing Group CEO Bryan W. Adams [Photo: Integrity Marketing Group]

An “oasis” of the arts district with a $ 75 million makeover

With its outdoor fountains and “spectacular” lobby, Adams considers Fountain Place “a bit of an oasis”.

“We’re in the arts district, so there’s a lot of great art,” he said. “The renovations they’ve done with the health and fitness center and other things are great for our employees. Everyone is delighted to be here.

Goddard’s $ 75 million renovation includes a new 10-story parking lot, retail and dining space, as well as a tenant lounge and conference center. According to a statement, the redesign “complements Pei’s original vision for the project by opening the lobby to the outdoor plaza and the namesake fountains designed by landscape architect Dan Kiley.” Fountain Place shares the plaza with AMLI Fountain Place, a 45-story luxury residential tower that opened last fall.

Corgan designs a “collaborative” vertical campus

Integrity hired architectural firm Corgan to design a bespoke “Culture Expansion Space” ideal for Integrity’s growth. The customizations include interconnected staircases for ease of movement and an employee cafe and lounge “where we eat, celebrate and meet together,” Adams said.

From furniture choices to architectural design, Integrity is using everything it has learned during the pandemic to ensure that it has “not only a great working environment, but a very safe environment as well.”

The company respects COVID protocols like temperature checks, and encourages but does not require employees to be vaccinated, even offering paid time off to do so.

Kiss the office

Why go big with the office now, when some companies are rethinking it?

“Integrity is a people-fueled business,” Adams told us. “We believe that people work and serve better by being together. Companies like ours will truly thrive because of the creativity and collaboration that comes from being together. “

Adams noted that his company’s 5,500 employees work in offices nationwide, and his Dallas Shared Services Center supports them all. “We just feel like it’s better to be together in person.”

Buy large-scale investments

Integrity employees might not linger in their new fitness center because there is a lot to do. As the company’s shared service center, the Dallas office serves all 5,500 employees in the United States, from technology needs to HR, marketing, compliance and more.

“Part of this is buying large-scale investments,” Adams told us. “As we hire new partners, we can take over some of the back office work for them so they can grow faster. “

Growth appears to be in Integrity’s DNA: Part of the company’s rapid expansion is driven by organic growth, but its 40 acquisitions last year really helped it take off, and others are growing. will continue in 2021.

“Integrity is structured like a partnership,” Adams explained. “As we acquire a business, we’ll add value to the business. The seller will take some of their proceeds in cash and some in Integrity shares. Then we can all work together to grow organically even faster.

A $ 7 billion “people company”

All of this growth has one goal in mind, Adams says: to be a “people business.” Integrity’s 370,000 agents serve eight million customers and will generate more than $ 7 billion in sales this year.

As an independent distributor of life and health insurance products, Integrity works with 450 different insurance companies.

Integrity serves nine million customers each year “to make sure they have the right products, the right services, and that they’re getting the most out of their products.”

When one of their 370,000 agents meets a life, health or wellness consumer, “we can provide them with the best options that meet their individualized needs at the best affordable rate possible,” Adams said. “It’s about people, and we make customers for life. “

Supply of insurtech tools

Recent acquisitions have strengthened Integrity’s insurance offerings. The company acquired CSG Actuarial in January to take advantage of its insurance quote registration tool. In April, it acquired Deft Research, a data analytics company that helps Integrity work with carriers to ensure it properly reviews and understands customer needs. This can lead to the development of products that Integrity supplies directly to carriers.

“We can quote and enroll customers in a product in nanoseconds,” Adams said. The company’s proprietary technology allows its sales force to use an iPhone or computer to quote and register directly through Integrity’s systems in real time, ensuring people are getting the best products available. .

“We have five million interactions with clients a year to make sure they have the right network of physicians, that they understand the benefits of prescription drugs, and all of the things they need to make sure that they’re getting the most out of their healthcare journey, ”Adams said. .

It all started in Adams house

When Adams got married in 2008, his wife Robyn moved into his Highland Village home, where six people worked daily. He had founded the business in his home in 2006, so Robyn knew what to expect. She was understanding, but only up to a point.

“We had cubicles and stickers with people who worked there,” Adams recalls with a laugh. “My wife was patient for about a year, then finally encouraged me to get an office. “

That first office he moved into? Needless to say, it was not designed by IM Pei. But Adams has since developed his integrity and has no plans to stop now.

“It’s kind of ironic that we were able to accomplish what we did,” Adams says. “But it’s really a story to be here to serve others and to look for ways to grow and serve more people.”

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Video Marketing: How To Maximize Your Reach Wed, 16 Jun 2021 05:03:46 +0000

Video marketing is a key ingredient in an integrated online marketing communications strategy designed to improve audience engagement through online activity around a particular video. In the past, a video message was usually a static image that showed no change and was only used to entertain or inform a specific audience. However, recent advances in technology have enabled the production of many short videos that are easily found on the Internet. These videos can be made for a variety of reasons, such as advertising a new product or service, advertising a business, or even just to provide viewers with information about the history or current activities of the business. Many businesses have found that producing a short video message at the start of their marketing campaigns, as well as creating lots of in-depth videos that provide viewers with additional information can dramatically increase a business’s online visibility.

Video marketing is very similar to article marketing, in which keywords and related phrases are used repeatedly throughout an article to attract visitors to the site. While both tactics have the ability to drive traffic to a site, video marketing uses audio and visual media that are easier to understand and likely to stay in the viewer’s mind for longer. Additionally, video marketing allows for more targeted keyword placements because people watching a video are more likely to remember the exact phrase they saw than if they were reading an article that repeated the same keywords. Additionally, videos are often easier to share on social media than articles, as image sharing can be done quickly and easily. This ability to share images and videos across various platforms also makes video marketing more effective for businesses looking to get their message across to a large number of people.

There are a number of ways that video marketing can be effective for a business. The most basic goal of this online marketing strategy is to create a large amount of video on demand content that viewers can choose from. To do this, a business needs to create multiple content feeds, which can be sent to different social media and submitted to article directories, press release sites, online communities, and viral marketing sites such as YouTube. Due to the large and varied audience of these outlets, video marketing can often give a business a significant advantage over its competition when it comes to getting its message to a large audience. Since it is easier to distribute video content than it is to write and publish articles, a business that has a consistent presence on a variety of social media sites will be much more likely to gain a significant number of new leads.

Video Marketing

A specific example of video marketing that is becoming more and more popular among businesses is the instinctive social media marketing. In instinctive social media marketing, a business takes advantage of the visual appeal of video content by repurposing existing videos into advertisements. For example, instead of doing a short advertisement for a new product or service, a business might instead create an instinctive social media marketing video about the product or service they are offering. They can then submit that video to YouTube, several other social media sites, and other websites that allow video posting at no cost.

While a business can choose to reuse their existing marketing videos for advertising purposes, another very effective way to use video to promote a brand is to post the video on various websites that provide general entertainment. Examples of sites that would be a good choice for posting a video for your business include YouTube, eHow, Vimeo, MySpaceTV, and Yahoo! Videos.

Video marketing is the perfect way to increase the reach of a brand. By producing high-quality, informative videos, companies are providing information to consumers that they will appreciate. Additionally, these videos will help build a positive reputation for the brand as consumers will be able to watch these videos and understand what the company is offering. Using video production services can help maximize the reach of a brand’s message, and the resulting effect on a consumer’s opinion of the brand can be quite powerful. For these reasons, a business that is serious about expanding its market presence should consider hiring a qualified professional video production company to handle the production aspects of marketing.

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Linda Eigelberger appointed Senior Vice President of Operations and Marketing at Midas Hospitality, LLC Tue, 15 Jun 2021 09:27:53 +0000

Eigelberger will oversee the leadership teams and strategic planning of the two separate regions, managing the organic rise in internal promotions and overall responsibilities based on the new business growth model. She will be responsible for the execution and development of operations, sales, revenue management and marketing efforts for Midas Hospitality, as well as marketing efforts for its sister companies, based on her more than 25 years in the hospitality industry. Eigelberger was previously Vice President of Revenue and Marketing at Midas Hospitality

Recent appointments at Midas Hospitality, LLC

Linda Emmenegger – President

June 15, 2021 – Emmenegger will create a synergistic plan that embodies all levels of leadership and management for Midas Hospitality and will work alongside sister companies Midas Construction and Midas Capital. She will also be responsible for the strategic division of Midas Hospitality’s national hotel portfolio into two distinct regions, creating a new alignment where each team exclusively manages the operations, sales, revenue management and marketing efforts of their own industry.

Read more

Jena Ahlman – Regional Sales Director

February 16, 2021 – Leading hotel development, management and investment firm Midas Hospitality recently appointed Jena Ahlman as regional sales manager for its Brooklyn Park, Minnesota hotels. In this role, she will plan and manage the overall sales and marketing strategies for the properties.

Read more

Greta McCue – Sales Director

February 4, 2021 – Leading hotel development, management and investment firm Midas Hospitality recently hired Greta McCue as Director of Sales at Aloft Milwaukee Downtown. In this role, she will focus on maximizing profits while ensuring new and existing customer satisfaction.

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Molly McKinley to lead Global Marketing and Industry Relations at RateMyAgent Mon, 14 Jun 2021 15:46:00 +0000

“Molly was not only an integral part of our initial successes in the US market, she exceeded all of the ambitious goals we set for ourselves while remaining strategic and committed to building our brand’s reputation in the industry,” said the co-founder of the company. Marc Armstrong. “Her in-depth knowledge and relationships across the real estate ecosystem, coupled with her marketing talent and branding instinct, make her the perfect fit for this new high role at RateMyAgent.”

After its overwhelming success in Australia, or RateMyAgent is used by agents who sell 80% of the goods, the company entered the US market in 2018. In less than two years, McKinley has helped expand the user base to more than 120,000 US agents who are empowered to build their reputation online through verified customer reviews. and related digital marketing activities. In his new role, McKinley will lead marketing for the company’s upcoming global deployments, while continuing to focus on expanding RateMyAgent’s presence in the United States through agent-driven marketing efforts.

The company’s agent-focused mission suited McKinley, who was previously vice president of marketing and corporate communications at Adwerx; she also worked at Adobe, IBM, Relola and First. “My work at RateMyAgent has allowed me to continue to grow in an industry that I love, while helping agents become more reputational and express themselves more about the great experiences they provide to their clients. “McKinley said. “It’s so rewarding to work with and for people who truly believe in helping agents become more intentional – and ultimately, undisturbed.”

Intention is the common thread that connects each phase of McKinley’s rich career, which began as an art dealer in San Francisco and evolved to include the teaching of yoga classes; own a successful marketing agency, Redtail Creative; and the launch of Intentionaliteas leaf teas. She is the author of the forthcoming book, The Intentional Business: A Path to Purpose and Prosperity.

“Throughout my career and in my personal life, I always strive to find intention and real purpose. To me, that’s the essence of marketing: giving your customers better options and helping them succeed beyond their wildest dreams, ”McKinley said. . “I feel fortunate to share this philosophy with the RateMyAgent team, and I am delighted that my new role allows me to expand my reach into the global real estate industry.”

About RateMyAgent

RateMyAgent is a real estate appraisal platform with over 120,000 US agent users; the tool is also used by 80% of agents who sell goods through Australia, where it was first launched. RateMyAgent enables agents to request, verify and promote their positive customer reviews across the web, including local Google search results and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Agents can claim their free profile by going to

SOURCE RateMyAgent

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17 years after launching in Seattle, SEO software startup Moz from iContact Marketing Corp. bought by Sun, 13 Jun 2021 22:46:57 +0000

(Photo shrike)

Shrike SEO software started up Acquired by email marketing company iContact, a subsidiary of J2 Global. Terms and conditions of the transaction were not disclosed.

Land Fishkin And his mother Gillian Musig In 2004, he started Seattle-based Moz. Originally known as SEO Moz, the journey hasn’t always been smooth, but it has grown into one of Seattle’s top startups. Moz, which has built a reputation for corporate transparency, reduced its workforce by 28% in 2016 and struggled financially in 2013.

Moz was ranked 10th in GeekWire 200, a list of the best private tech companies in the Pacific Northwest. Startups are profitable and growing. He refused to provide a number of income.

Companies like Alaska Airlines and Zillow Group are using Moz to polish SEO and rank high in search engine results. Over 20 years after companies like Google and Yahoo launched on their desktops, search and SEO continues to be a growing industry. The proliferation of mobile devices and other places where users search online, such as mobile apps and shopping sites like Amazon, creates a constant demand for SEO services.

The Moz brand remains under the new owner. iContact helped deliver 68 billion emails to small businesses last year. The company works with its sister brands Campaigner, SMTP and Kickbox. All these elements belong to the listed company J2 Global. report First-quarter revenue was $ 398 million, an increase of 20% from the previous year.

Moz co-founder Rand Fishkin (right) and Moz CEO Sarah Bird. (Photo shrike)

Moz joins J2 email marketing brand to combine resources and support shared customer base with research strategy and analytics.

“The shared goal of delivering powerful digital marketing solutions is perfect for our brand, our people and our community,” said the CEO of Moz. Sarah Bird, former lawyer Named CEO in 2013, said in a statement.

Moz employs 177 people. The company acquired six other startups and raised $ 29.1 million in outside capital.

“When we ask our daily customers what tools they need besides email it’s definitely SEO, so there’s a great combination of SEO and email marketing,” said Michael Pepe, president of iContact. It states as follows. Video announcement.

Fishkin left Moz in 2018 and stepped down from the board in September 2020. He currently runs a marketing startup in Seattle, SparkToro.

17 years after launching in Seattle, SEO software startup Moz from iContact Marketing Corp. bought by

Source link 17 years after launching in Seattle, SEO software startup Moz from iContact Marketing Corp. bought by

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