Bidtellect saves 35% on Bidstream processing costs thanks to BidSwitch


Performance DSP uses BidSwitch’s SmartSwitch technology to optimize the processing of auction flows; reduces material costs and improves auction performance for advertisers.

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New York, NY, October 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Auction switch, a global provider of programmatic infrastructure and a wholly-owned subsidiary of IPONWEB, enabled demand side platform (DSP) and ad technology company Bidtellect to reduce the hardware costs associated with processing and analyzing (listening to) bid feed data, further improving its bidding performance for customers.

BidSwitch’s intelligent traffic routing system, SmartSwitch, saved Bidtellect 35% on these costs for a connected procurement partner, and increased the auction success rate by 2.7 times ( which means they are almost three times more likely to win the programmatic ad auction). ultimately improve performance.

Bidtellect is a buy-side platform that helps brand advertisers reach target audiences in contextually relevant environments at scale across the web. Its technology prioritizes contextual relevance and sentiment and works in conjunction with audience creation, an approach that meets each advertiser’s specific goals and enables brands to engage consumers at the most intense moments of the day. intention. Bidtellect’s proprietary algorithms go beyond targeting at the domain level, optimizing down to the ad placement level to ensure that advertisers reach the right audience and realize a return on their investment.

Optimization conducted at the auction opportunity level requires listening to huge amounts of programmatic auction feeds, which is both technologically and hardware-demanding, increasing costs while reducing the cost. efficiency of media spending. Bidtellect turned to BidSwitch to manage some of its 40+ connections to SSP partners, leveraging BidSwitch’s SmartSwitch to filter unwanted inventory, reduce costs associated with listening to huge volumes of bidstream data and help Bidtellect improve overall auction performance for their clients.

To further boost buy-side efficiency, Bidtellect recently announced AARDvark (Automatic Rate Determination Algorithm), its proprietary automatic bid factoring technology. Factoring offers is a traditionally manual process on other platforms; AARDvark’s automatic optimization tool analyzes identity-less, cookie-less signals to determine the best advertising opportunities to meet advertiser goals and save merchants time. Bidtellect also recently announced its expansion into formats beyond native ad types, including display, promising the same contextual optimization technology and optimal performance results to advertisers.

BidSwitch’s SmartSwitch technology applies proprietary machine learning to the global programmatic auction flow that BidSwitch processes daily from more than 130 supplier partners. By examining the purchasing patterns and history of each demand partner, while also taking into account the unique supply filtering rules that the demand partners themselves have put in place, SmartSwitch determines the best offer. to send to every buyer, optimizing and shaping auction traffic to reduce the volume of auction requests that buyers have to listen to, without affecting the performance of bidders.

John DeSantis, Portfolio Director at BidSwitch, says, “Programmatic marketing provides media buyers with a flexible and efficient tool to reach consumers with timely messages, but the sheer volume of inventory can make it unwieldy and reduce the amount of time. efficiency of its use. Since many opportunities in the auction feed are irrelevant, removing these duplicates and unwanted inventory from the equation does not impact results, but can significantly reduce material costs. SmartSwitch provides buying partners with sophisticated and automated tools to filter what they are not likely to buy, freeing up their listening capacity to receive only the printing opportunities they are likely to want. Bidtellect is able to extend the derived value of intelligent traffic management to its customers through better performing campaigns and effective media.

Michael Feeley, Vice President of Sourcing Partnerships and Product Solutions at Bidtellect, says, “Everything we do at Bidtellect is focused on delivering brand content to consumers at the right time in the environments they are in. most receptive and likely to engage – in the effective way possible. Although the programmatic ecosystem generates the best opportunities to do so, the large amount of inventory hinders this process. Working with the BidSwitch team and seeing such unequivocal results leaves no doubt that SmartSwitch is a very valuable tool to have in our arsenal to achieve these goals. “


About Bidtellect:

Bidtellect is a performance-driven DSP specializing in contextual optimization, cookie-less solutions and native programmatic. We pride ourselves on superior sourcing and optimization down to the placement level, while providing in-depth campaign insights across a wide range of KPIs for our brand, agency and office partners. negotiation. Bidtellect consistently outperforms its competitors in nearly every face-to-face performance test with industry-leading branded security technology, superior sourcing quality, superior context capabilities, and proprietary factorization and optimization technology. auctions: show ads that work.

About BidSwitch:

Designed by IPONWEB, Auction switch helps ad technology and programmatic media companies overcome the growing complexity of the marketplace by providing partners with an efficient and transparent way to manage access to supply and demand on a global scale. Unlike an exchange, BidSwitch operates as an infrastructure neutral network, intelligently routing and filtering the auction flow to ensure optimized, non-fraudulent access for buyers and sellers. Today, BidSwitch enables more than 350 supply and demand technology partners around the world to connect and exchange media across display, mobile, video TV, native and DOOH ecosystems, all through a single standardized integration. Visit to learn more.


IPONWEB is an industry pioneer and a global leader in the engineering and operation of highly customized real-time media trading systems for publishers, advertisers, agencies and innovative technology companies. With over 15 years of experience driving innovation in the ad exchange and real-time technology space, IPONWEB is the behind-the-scenes technology provider on which many major players rely. global industry leaders to successfully power their media and data businesses. Visit www.iponweb.comto know more.


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