Battlefield 2042 has removed its 128-player Breakthrough mode – but still advertises it

Battlefield 2042 continues to receive updates as EA Dice tries to fix a game that seemed woefully incomplete at launch. Which makes it a bit strange that the marquee change in patch 4.1 is the removal of a feature: Breakthrough mode can no longer be played with 128 players and is now capped at 64.

Not that the Battlefield 2042 website or digital store pages have been updated to reflect this change.

“In this update, we are making several updates to All-Out Warfare rotations,” the patch notes message reads. “Our main change is the removal of the 128-player version of Breakthrough. When reviewing the experiences available in All-Out Warfare, we felt that 128-player modes are better suited to Conquest where playspaces are larger. and where you have a more natural fit for sandbox play.”

The developers believe that with 64 players, Breakthrough mode offers “a more tactical experience” with less chaos. Breakthrough is a long-running Battlefield mode that divides players into attackers and defenders, with attackers attempting to advance the front line until they conquer the map. Being able to play this mode with 128 players was one of Battlefield 2042’s selling points, and continues to be mentioned in All-Out Warfare’s marketing copy on the official Battlefield 2042 website and on its Steam page (pictured above).

I guess that’s only a problem if someone still buys Battlefield 2042.

At launch, Ed’s Battlefield 2042 review said the game was “marred by performance issues”, with balance issues in most modes. Every patch since has focused on fixing these issues, until last month’s 4.0 update finally adding voice comms. Update 4.1 also brings more balance changes to maps and specialists, as well as quality of life improvements. EA Dice is obviously happier with the current state of the game, as the release of patch 4.1 indicates that the next scheduled update will release the previously delayed post-release “Season 1” content.

I’m sure Breakthrough mode was chaotic with 128 players, and EA Dice probably has player metrics to show that many players were losing interest as a result. But I also bet some gamers loved the mode, mayhem and all, and now the game they spent $60/£50 on doesn’t have what they loved anymore. Why is it OK?

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