Advertising must become conversational: Srinivas B Vijayaraghavan, Gupshup

At the virtual unveiling of the dentsu-e4m 2022 Digital Advertising Report, Srinivas B Vijayaraghavan, VP of Marketing, Gupshup spoke on the topic “Conversational Ads – A New Way to Engage Audiences”.

“Advertising is an industry that keeps growing,” Vijayaraghavan noted while adding that the Densu report that was released also attests to the same thing that ad spend and advertising spend are growing and not falling. “Growth is coming from digital platforms as many of us are spending more time online. The pandemic has only kept us apart physically but brought us closer virtually through different messaging and video conferencing apps like Zoom calls etc.

He also pointed out that consumers’ attention spans are gradually shrinking. “Because there’s a lot of context switching that takes place from app to website, website to WhatsApp, WhatsApp to YouTube, YouTube, Facebook, etc. And if you watch most of today’s advertising stimuli (of course, offline is one-way), many of the digital advertising formats we use are inherently one-way. This is in addition to the fact that people spend a lot of time online and that leads to a lot of ad fatigue,” he said.

Highlighting how one-way ad stimuli cause ad fatigue and why people around the world are using ad blockers, Vijayaraghavan shared, “About 750 million people globally have used ad blockers and India is number two on the list in terms of how many people have actually used ad blockers Now if you’re an advertiser looking at this wondering how in this new scheme of things my ad campaign can actually hit the target audience in a very personal way.”

“So the other thing to consider as an advertiser is, and this was based on a Facebook survey, today customers expect to have two-way conversations with brands, they’re tired of being sprayed with a lot of advertising stimuli, therefore, they want to be able to converse with brands as they would in a normal scenario, as if they were to visit a store or if they were to visit some kind of experience center. medium on which they would like to do this with the brands is in fact the messaging app.”

Talking about the importance of two-way conversations, he explained why advertising should become conversational. “Today, one thing that stands out from all of this is that advertising needs to become conversational or enable two-way conversations between brands and consumers. And there’s no better place to do that than the messaging app. , because messaging app is something that almost all of us have, whether you look at urban segment or Bharat segment, messaging apps are ubiquitous.

“And very soon we will have a lot of first-time smartphone users and buyers in the Bharat segment. So this is a segment or a platform where your audiences are already active. So , as a brand, you need to find a way to live on this app with your consumers, friends, family, loved ones, a group of friends from high school, a university group or a work group and find a way to create a conversational experience Instead of just thinking about advertising like making banners, picking up physical inventory, you need to think about how you can create conversational advertising or conversational experiences on messaging apps and that is where your brand really comes to life.

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