Advertising gig platform Talenthouse will be listed in Zurich

Advertising gig platform Talenthouse is listed on the Zurich Stock Exchange, as demand for digital content in the era of streaming and the metaverse increases.

The deal, completed via a reverse takeover, values ​​the London-based company at around 420 million Swiss francs ($450 million). Talenthouse connects clients such as Facebook, Snapchat, Warner Bros, Bacardi and Universal Music with a pool of over 14 million users who create digital content for them, primarily for advertising and marketing purposes.

Clare McKeeve, chief executive, said the company was benefiting from “a massive shift in demand for digital content” thanks to improved internet connectivity and growth in streaming channels. This would be boosted by the development of the metaverse and Web3, or the development of blockchain technology, she added.

Talenthouse estimates the digital creative content market to be worth $72 billion and says it could grow to $250 billion by 2025 as industries such as digital games and augmented reality expand.

Only 20% of its shares will be publicly traded, with the rest retained by co-founder Roman Scharf and current investors, including German venture capital firm Cipio Partners and family offices.

Talenthouse acquires listed investment company New Value. Although the company is headquartered in London, McKeeve said [Switzerland] was “a logical place to consolidate where we are”, in part because its early investors are concentrated in the country as well as in Germany and Austria.

However, McKeeve suggested the company’s end goal was to go public on Nasdaq. “Logically, we have a large base of our business in the United States,” she said. “We will get there, but you also have to have a certain size and relevance for it to work. It’s something we’re looking at.

This listing is also a sign of the expansion of the gig economy model into the advertising and marketing industry. McKeeve said the company was able to offer faster services to corporate clients and suggested that the rates at which Talenthouse users provide work could be cheaper than those of large, established agencies.

She added that the company has creative workers in 195 countries. “I don’t think any other agency can offer this and on the scale that we do.”

Scharf, who co-founded Talenthouse in 2009, said: “Around the world, many talented people are looking for better ways to earn a living, and through our diverse offerings, they can work for some of the most influential brands in the world. .

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