Advertisers based in Russia can no longer reach global audiences on Google properties and networks

Google will pause ads on its properties and networks around the world for advertisers based in Russia, the company announced Thursday. This means that advertisers based in Russia cannot serve Google ads targeting users based in Russia or elsewhere in the world.

Escalation of ad suspensions. Google began imposing ad suspensions for the first time on February 27. The first round of suspensions targeted Russian state-owned media. On March 3, the company expanded the suspension to include all ads served to users in Russia.

Google is far from alone here. Many other platforms, including Microsoft Advertising, Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, have announced similar policies in light of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. However, Google appears to be the first platform to take these actions further by blocking Russian-based advertisers from reaching global audiences.

Why we care. This cuts off an important channel for brands in Russia, hampering their ability to reach potential customers elsewhere in the world. If other platforms follow Google’s lead, Russian-based companies could suffer from declining viewership.

From an industry perspective, these suspensions make it almost impossible to use paid channels to get in front of Russian users. Unfortunately, we have no indication of the duration of the conflict (and therefore of these suspensions).

The conflict in Ukraine. In addition to impacting the lives of countless people around the world, Russia’s actions in Ukraine have also affected the search marketing industry and the professionals who work there. Here are some of our recent covers:

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