A Greensboro man is a social media star

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – What is that old phrase? Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life? Yeah, that sounds good and it sounds exactly like Jeb Brooks does.

Jeb is from Greensboro, and he’s worked in the corporate world for a while and traveled quite a bit as he has. He felt like while he loved what he was doing, he wasn’t passionate about it. When he was listening to a speaker on how to improve your life, something resonated.

“He said, ‘Look at your timeline and look for those things that are sacrosanct — those things that are immobile, no matter what happens, you’re not going to change that from your timeline. And then look at the other things that you could put aside, that you could do later, and then focus on the things that you don’t want to move. Do more,” Jeb said.

This idea was transformational.

He started making his own videos while traveling and found people loved them. It got thousands of views.

Well, he has gone way beyond that with 315,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel watching 45,000,000 plays of his over 170 videos. They’re about his trip to all seven continents, but they largely focus on the travel process itself more than what you’ll see when you get to wherever you’re going. Although there are very beautiful moments that he shows places he visits.

Sounds a bit like a dream job, huh? Well, to maintain the integrity of his product, Jeb still pays for every ticket for every trip. But also if you want to be successful on social media, you have to love not only the fame but also the process of producing the videos.

“You also have to be passionate about the editing process…because it’s not enough to – there are plenty of people…who like to travel. But then loving the pressure of creating a video every week is on another level,” Jeb said.

What surprised him along the way was that some of his most-watched videos aren’t about air travel, where he made his name and reputation, but about train travel and even by bus across the United States that he and his wife, Susanne, were able to do. to do when international flights were severely restricted during the pandemic.

Jeb insists you don’t need to be well-connected to grow a strong following on social media, but he’s discovered some things he considers essential, including making videos about topics that interest you. interest. But there is one caveat that Jeb found that is key.

“Number one: I developed a format – almost a TV show, a style of broadcasting that people seem to enjoy,” Jeb said. “And that’s the part that I think gets lost too often – that’s being authentically yourself. It’s so easy, especially in social media, especially for young people, to want to replicate someone. If you are able to give yourself permission to be authentic to who you are, incredible things open up for you.

Discover some of Jeb’s travels in this edition of the Buckley Report.

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