5 content marketing trends from the past 6 months

The trends in content marketing are numerous and fast. This is because they are partly related to online culture. Who knew that marketers would incorporate memes into some of the newest and most important campaigns? Who knew social media would dominate YouTube ads? With millions of people watching videos and streaming services also allowing advertising space, marketing trends have moved at breakneck speed over the past six months.

This is also partly due to the pandemic and the fact that online shopping has become the only way to buy most products. So if you want to create a better content marketing plan for your business, you’ll want to include these five ideas in your next campaign.

Content communities

The biggest trend in content marketing over the past six months has been the creation of content communities. It will be a compilation or amalgamation of personalized content for defined groups. For example, let’s say you are Samsung. Creating content for customers 60 and over will not be the same as content for those under 40. For example, you will create content that shows grandparents how to cope with and use conference calls on a Samsung phone or TV. Instead, you’ll be creating social media and selfie content for those under 40, and content about using modern technologies like ring cameras for home security.

Organic growth

Go live

Live Q&A has become the benchmark for brilliant content over the past six months. You’ve seen Elon Musk and singers like Taylor Swift run live question and answer periods to stay relevant and engage with customers or fans. It’s clear to day why it’s so effective. The barrier that is usually there, between the brand and the customer, has disappeared. You speak with the CEO of a company or the owner of a brand, and you can’t be more direct than that.

So pick a day of the month when you will do live question and answer periods for about 1 hour, and let customers know when that happens. Please give them a way to ask you questions, such as a social media post. This can be very useful because you can choose the questions that are most popular, so that you don’t choose the questions that customers don’t like.

Content recycling

As you may have noticed, most of us are at home, which means the content needs to change accordingly. You can’t create content that involves doing things outdoors, like how to improve your squat at the gym and work out in the content, your workout app, or focus using noise canceling headphones. of the gymnasium. You need to move your content to the workouts done at home and how your product is important or would be useful. So, reusing your content for the situation the customers find themselves in, or perhaps segmenting the content for a particular audience, is beneficial for the success of your content marketing.

If you have a business blog with a comments section, like you should, you will find better customer engagement if you comment. This lets customers know that the content is live and is not pre-scheduled to go live. This means that the content you post is up to date because you are commenting on and responding to customers who ask questions and make small remarks about the product or service the content is about. It can make someone’s day if you comment, and making a customer feel special can impress other observant customers.

Content marketing is constantly evolving and becoming more and more interesting. Of course, the first thing is to invest in SEO content because it is valuable and informative. But it would be best if you had question-and-answer days on social media, as well as specific content for customer groups.

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