17 billion views of online Super Bowl ads came from bots and fake users.

NEW YORK, February 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Following the biggest publicity day of the year, Go-to-Market Security CHEQ released data revealing that 17 billion Super Bowl ad views came from bots and fake social media users.

The research was conducted on a pool of over 50,000 websites and was cross-referenced with the total number of ads of Super Bowl 56 LVI. The study performed thousands of tests on each user to determine their validity and authenticity, uncovering a wide range of invalid traffic forms (IVTs), including scrapers, click farms, malicious botnets, malware tools, automation, etc.

This data comes as marketers analyze performance after the biggest ad day of the year and measure success based on ad impressions both on television and on various online channels, including social media. . According to Adagelast year, Super Bowl ads garnered 64 billion social media impressions, making 17 billion bots a significant threat to reporting accuracy and advertising effectiveness.

Super Bowl bot traffic data released alongside CHEQ report on IVT across industries and its impact on go-to-market teams. The report found that globally, approximately $42 billion of revenue is lost each year to bots and fake users, an issue that continues to plague teams of all sizes.


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